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Fish gathered to look at us - a school of baracudas, some curious marines. SCRAM! I told them. They swam off, but I could tell they went reluctantly. I swear I understood their intencions. They were about to star rumors flighing around the sea about the son of poseidon and some girl at the bottom of Siren Bay.

("The Sea of Monsters")

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Who are you and why are you my cat?
Rick Riordan

And of course I'm in the press all the time. So many books have been written about me; Into thin air, up in the air,Gone with the wind-
Rick Riordan

I hadn't seen my dad get violent since the Great Spatula Incident, and I wasn't anxious to see a repeat of that.
Rick Riordan

Her name badge read: Hello! My name is DIE, DEMIGOD SCUM!
Rick Riordan

Chiron probably wanted me to say, Heck it wa nothing. I eat hellhounds for breakfast. But I didn't feel like lying.
Rick Riordan

We'd spent maybe ten minutes together, during which time I'd accidentally swung a sword at her, she'd saved my life, and I'd run away chased by a band of supernatural killing machines. You know, your typical chance meeting.
Rick Riordan

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