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What was in it for me? I wasn't asking for any sort of reciprocation, after all. Why didn't she want her erogenous zones stimulated? I have no idea. All I know is that you could, if you wanted to, find the answers to all sorts of difficult questions buried in that terrible war-torn interregnum between the first pubic hair and the first soiled Trojan.

("High Fidelity")

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Of course, I have no idea what you know and don't know. But I have managed to introduce these songs even to people who listen to a lot of music maybe you have somehow managed to have missed them.
Nick Hornby

You just have to smile and take it, otherwise it would drive you mad.
Nick Hornby

The difference between these people and me is that they finished college and I didn't; as a consequence, they have smart jobs and I have a scruffy job, they are rich and I am poor, they are self confident and I am incontinent... they have opinions and I have lists.
Nick Hornby

I get excited about having finished a new book.
Nick Hornby

It's no wonder we're all such a mess, is it? We're like Tom Hanks in Big. Little boys and girls trapped in adult bodies and forced to get on with it.
Nick Hornby

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