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I get excited about having finished a new book.

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And we hardly need ever go to the stadium to watch every game live, because they're all on TV.
Nick Hornby

Even at the beginning of the 90s people in England stood on the terraces to watch British players who would almost certainly need a job of some kind when they retired.
Nick Hornby

I came away with the idea that I'd like to write books the way people write screenplays. I think I'm not going to let another line go through unexamined.
Nick Hornby

I think English literature has gotten really bogged down over the last few years.
Nick Hornby

Like all books that have that kind of momentum, it starts from word of mouth.
Nick Hornby

Of course, I have no idea what you know and don't know. But I have managed to introduce these songs even to people who listen to a lot of music maybe you have somehow managed to have missed them.
Nick Hornby

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