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(About Madness)

You just have to smile and take it, otherwise it would drive you mad.

("High Fidelity")

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It's brilliant, being depressed; you can behave as badly as you like.
Nick Hornby

Why is failure the first thing I think of when I find myself in this sort of situation? Why can't I just enjoy myself? But if you have to ask the question, then you know you're lost: self-consciousness is a man's worst enemy. Already I'm wondering whether she's as aware of my erection as I am...
Nick Hornby

The unhappiest people I know, romantically speaking, are the ones who like pop music the most; and I don't know whether pop music has caused this unhappiness, but I do know that they've been listening to the sad songs longer than they've been living the unhappy lives.
Nick Hornby

I guess I should have forgotten about it ages ago, but forgetting isn't something I'm very good at.
Nick Hornby

I think English literature has gotten really bogged down over the last few years.
Nick Hornby

I've been thinking with my guts since I was fourteen years old, and frankly speaking, between you and me, I have come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains.
Nick Hornby

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