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Our kids are aware of where these teams are ranked. But I think this team will show up and play. They are battle-tested.

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They've got very good offensive numbers. We're similar clubs in that our strengths are our offenses. It may be one of those weekend series with three (high-scoring) Sunday-type games.
Daron Schoenrock

Their experience in winning came into play. They expect to win. They are used to winning. But I think the longer our guys play together, it will be an expectation for them, too.
Daron Schoenrock

There's no doubt about it that it should, with the quality pitching we faced and with the environment we played in.
Daron Schoenrock

They did a good job of getting the ball in the air on a day when the wind was blowing out. We had a couple of pitches that got away -- a couple we would sure like to have back -- and they just don't miss too many mistake pitches.
Daron Schoenrock

I would love to have a couple of pitches, a couple of plays back. We pushed them. We had them on the ropes a couple of times. But there were some plays we needed to make, and we weren't able to.
Daron Schoenrock

We're going to play in a beautiful park, a pro stadium. It'll be exciting for the players.
Daron Schoenrock

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