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There's no doubt about it that it should, with the quality pitching we faced and with the environment we played in.

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Both teams had chances to win. I thought we had more chances in the extra innings, but you have to tip your hat to Houston for executing in the clutch.
Daron Schoenrock

They are just a tremendous ball club. I was glad we were able to get two freshman pitchers in the game today to face a team like Rice. Hopefully it will make them better down the road.
Daron Schoenrock

When you put it together like that, this is what happens. There's not a whole lot of times where we've put it together like that in one night. A lot of times we've had to win games with just one or the other going.
Daron Schoenrock

I would love to have a couple of pitches, a couple of plays back. We pushed them. We had them on the ropes a couple of times. But there were some plays we needed to make, and we weren't able to.
Daron Schoenrock

We're going to play in a beautiful park, a pro stadium. It'll be exciting for the players.
Daron Schoenrock

They did a good job of getting the ball in the air on a day when the wind was blowing out. We had a couple of pitches that got away -- a couple we would sure like to have back -- and they just don't miss too many mistake pitches.
Daron Schoenrock

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