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We view Yahoo as well diversified, especially between display and search advertising, and as battle-tested and shareholder-friendly.

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This is a company that people bought and put away. But it was made clear in January that you couldn't do that. There is increased skepticism about eBay.
Scott Kessler

No matter how big and successful you are, there is always the prospect in the blink of an eye that the business can go down for a period of time,
Scott Kessler

I think a lot of people are rationalizing the fourth quarter as a one-time tax hit. I don't agree. This indicates the company's need to focus on and invest in its ability to more effectively forecast, manage and execute its international operations.
Scott Kessler

For some time now Western Union has been the crown jewel of this company.
Scott Kessler

Nobody really believes that the consensus is what the company is being measured by at this point. It's some other number.
Scott Kessler

Nothing (Reyes) said was unreasonable. It was just a matter of interpretation.
Scott Kessler

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