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I have a theory that selflessness and bravery aren't all that different.


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What good is a prepared body if you have a scattered mind?
Veronica Roth

Sometimes I see him as just another person, and sometimes I feel the sight of him in my gut, like a deep ache.
Veronica Roth

I don't see any elderly people in the crowd. Are there any old Dauntless? Do they not last that long, or are they just sent away when they can't jump off moving trains anymore?
Veronica Roth

Two things you should know about me; The first is that I am deeply suspicious of people in general. It is my nature to expect the worst of them. And the second is that I am unexpectedly good with computers.
Veronica Roth

I would rather be dead than empty
Veronica Roth

Decades ago, our ancestors realized that it is not just political ideology, religious belief, race, or nationalism that is to blame for a warring world. Rather, they determined that it was the fault of human personality - of humankind's inclination towards evil, in whatever form that is. They divided into factions that sought to eradicate those qualities they believed responsible for the world's disarray.
Veronica Roth

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