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The theory is that if you spill all your secrets, you'll have no desire to lie about anything, ever again. Like the worst about you is already in the open, so why not just be honest?


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Those who seek peace above all else, they say, will always deceive to keep the water calm.
Veronica Roth

I want to cry because something terrible happened, and I saw it, and I could not see a way to mend it.
Veronica Roth

Human reason can excuse any evil; that is why it's so important that we don't rely on it.
Veronica Roth

What irritates me most about him is his natural goodness, his inborn selflessness.
Veronica Roth

We believe in bravery. We believe in taking action. We believe in freedom from fear and in acquiring the skills to force the bad out of our world so that the good can prosper and thrive. If you also believe in those things, we welcome you.
Veronica Roth

Learning how to think in the midst of fear is a lesson that everyone needs to learn.
Veronica Roth

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