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(About Beauty, Reality)

Live the beauty or your own reality.

("Even Cowgirls Get the Blues")

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Civilization is a mutant beast that emerged from the shattered egg of primitive stability.-Sissy Hankshaw
Tom Robbins

All dreams continue in the beyond.
Tom Robbins

Whatever goes wrong can be used to your advantage, providing it goes wrong enough.
Tom Robbins

The Earth is God's pinball machine and each quake, tidal wave, flash flood and volcanic eruption is the result of a TILT that occurs when God, cheating, tries to win free games.
Tom Robbins

South Richmond was a neighborhood of mouse holes, lace curtains, Sears catalogs, measles epidemics, baloney sandwiches- and men who knew more about the carburetor than they knew about the clitoris.
Tom Robbins

They glared at her the way any intelligent persons ought to glare when what they need is a smoke, a bite, a cup of coffee, a piece of ass, or a good fast-paced story, and all they're getting is philosophy.
Tom Robbins

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