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The Earth is God's pinball machine and each quake, tidal wave, flash flood and volcanic eruption is the result of a TILT that occurs when God, cheating, tries to win free games.

("Even Cowgirls Get the Blues")

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There are people in this world who can wear whale masks and people who cannot, and the wise know to which group they belong.
Tom Robbins

Live the beauty or your own reality.
Tom Robbins

They caressed one another until their hides shone. They embraced until their 206 bones squeaked like mice. Their bed was a boat in a weird sea.
Tom Robbins

It might be noted here that Freudian analysts of fairy tales have suggested that kissing toads and frogs is symbolized fellatio. In that regard, Princess Leigh-Cheri was, on a conscious level, innocent, although not so na?ve as Queen Tilli, who though fellatio was an obscure Italian opera and was annoyed that she couldnÆt find the score.
Tom Robbins

We're proposing some stakes increases and more significant increases than the prior year. If the TOC agrees to those, that will take up some of that money. I think we will take a more aggressive approach to our overnights.
Tom Robbins

There are many things worth living for, a few things worth dying for, and nothing worth killing for.
Tom Robbins

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