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    The biggest obstacle John Rocker would go through is, people think of him as a relief pitcher. If John Rocker was to quit baseball today and go out to manage someone's money, I don't know if they'd want that.

    If you look at the list of professional athletes who have squandered their wealth, at the heart of their poor decisions was an adviser with a conflict of interest. Just like companies, athletes need independent objective advice to make financial decisions.

    I can name about 10 people who tried and didn't make it. Guys are always looking at the industry. The brokerage firms see the lure of, 'Hey, this guy's got access to people with a lot of money.' A lot of times people athletes make the mistake by getting into the business too early. This business is tough.

    For me, the biggest issue was credibility. People said 'Hey, we know you can kick a football straight, but I want someone with experience to manage my money.

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