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William Goldman Quotes on Books (4 Quotes)

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  • It's one of my biggest memories of my father reading. I had pneumonia, remember, but I was a little better now, and madly caught up in the book, and one thing you know when you're ten is that, no matter what, there's gonna be a happy ending. They can sweat all they want to scare you, the authors, but back of it all you know, you just have no doubt, that in the long run justice is going to win out.
    (William Goldman, "The Princess Bride")

  • When I was your age, television was called books.
    (William Goldman, "The Princess Bride")

  • When was the last time you read a book? The truth now. And picture books don't count-I mean something with print in it.
    (William Goldman, "The Princess Bride")

  • I have always liked it, it is still my favorite book. I do not like my writing, but I like this book. . . . I wish I liked my own writing more, but like all of us, I am trapped inside my own skin.
    (William Goldman)

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