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    Getting out the Beautiful Women vote is supposed to be a nonpartisan exercise, but there's a decidedly blue-state cast to the endeavor.

    Fully 57 percent of American college students are women. Life insurance companies sell more policies to women than to men. As women continue to draw on experience and education, they're accelerating their numbers in upper management, too.

    It's long been a cliche in Washington that if you hang a lamb chop in your window, guests will come.

    Trashy private lives of the stars is a given today, and scandal causes hardly a ripple of disapproval. Digitalized characters can be created with neither moral nor mortal concern, and best of all can be packaged, licensed and promoted at far less cost than dealing with flesh and blood. The stars are products, too, shills for marketing tie-ins.

    The old studios that mass-produced dreams are gone with the wind, just like the old downtown theaters that were the temples of the dreams.

    When Bill Bennett, the Rev. Richard John Neuhaus and theologian Michael Novak go to the synagogue, it's not to read the Torah. They're going there to make a speech.

    German businessmen are overwhelmed by the high cost of doing business. Inflexible rules, enforced by a burgeoning bureaucracy, discourage entrepreneurship.

    Hitler's appeal to greed and sloth, to increase German prosperity without requiring Germans to work for it, led into the Holocaust because confiscating Jewish property seemed to make sense to the greedy.

    Everybody's looking for the niche to make the difference. Some people think they see the mother lode in the beautiful people, especially the vote of the beautiful women.

    You still can't find Israel on a map of the Middle East in a Palestinian schoolbook.

    Rape is the most bankable event in our culture, more valuable than murder and a lot more valuable than mere mayhem. Jessica Lynch has no memory of being raped Iraqi doctors at the hospital insist they found no evidence at all that she ever was. But it's in her book.

    A good filmmaker with a wonderful cast can weave an illusionary spell that goes well beyond analysis.

    It's easier to make fun of a first lady than for a first lady to have fun. The scrutiny is ferocious.

    It's a cliche of punditry that Republicans are the Daddy Party and the Democrats are the Mommy Party. The metaphors are out of date. We must look at the Republicans as the Adult Party and the Democrats as naughty children sent to sup at the children's table.

    HBO has 28 million subscribers, small stuff compared to TBS, which can be seen in 88 million homes.

    Sometimes the ignorant are among the most educated.

    Many of the Europeans who want Israel to go away don't even know why they do. Nearly a third of those interviewed concede they have no idea what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about. It's enough to know that Israelis are Jews.

    Cold feet are often symptomatic of a legitimate intuition that you may be heading for the wrong place at the wrong time.

    We've become more tolerant because we're tired of the debate.

    Dostoevski does not tell you what to think about his legend, but he requires that you think about it. The novelist was a deeply religious man and he always thought many readers missed that point about him.

    American high school students trail teenagers from 14 European and Asian countries in reading, math and science. We're even trailing France.

    We expect hassles when we travel. It's our patriotic duty to grin if possible but bear it nonetheless as a contribution to the war against terrorism. We take off shoes without complaint and are no longer embarrassed when it's a hook on a bra that sets off the alarm.

    Rushing willy-nilly into the future without giving deep thought to the influences of biotechnology in the way we treat each other, and the impact it makes on social behavior, would be foolish indeed.

    If any of the beautiful people plan to vote for the president, they usually keep their secret to themselves.

    The only difference between McDonalds customers and the dinner crowd is that the latter dine on tablecloths. The powerful are as likely to be as portly as the plebes.

    Forty percent of the registered voters in Afghanistan are women, and they're beginning to move into the private sector.

    The rains in Washington on the day that Pope John Paul II died were unusually ferocious, as if the heavens were weeping with uncontrollable sadness.

    Fame may last for only 15 minutes, in Andy Warhol's famous calculation, but it arrives quickly and requires instant attention, lest it vanish before it can be fully exploited.

    Unless they break through the brass ceiling of academia by writing best-selling books, like Harold Bloom or Alan Dershowitz, or go to Washington to make policy like Henry Kissinger, college professors can only aspire to limited public recognition.

    We all want to look younger, become stronger and healthier and live longer.

    There is a bright spot or two for the Spaniards. French toast has become freedom toast on the Air Force One breakfast menu, but the Spanish omelet is still a Spanish omelet.

    We know all of us will be scrambling for some time. We just can't tell quite yet how bad it will be,

    It's not very hip to consider the plight of single women who yearn for something so old-fashioned as men.

    There's more than a few remnants left in German welfare policy today. Many Germans eagerly condemn Hitler's fascism but won't examine the other reasons why the Third Reich succeeded for a season.

    The lopsided attitudes of college professors pose a serious challenge to learning because students are so susceptible to becoming lopsided sheep.

    A growing number of young women who have the freedom to decide have decided that career can wait, and the delicious early years of their children's lives can't.

    At the moment, the biggest candy-and-popcorn issue for Washington is piracy. Film pirates, knocking off illegal copies of new movies, cost the industry over 3 billion a year.

    Fast sex, like fast food, is cheap, but it doesn't nourish the body - or the soul.

    Insult is powerful. Insult begets both rage and humor and often at the same time.

    Lebanon is restless, Syria got its walking papers, Egypt is scheduling elections with more than one candidate, and even Saudi Arabia, whose rulers are perhaps more terrified of women than rulers anywhere else in the world, allowed limited municipal elections.

    The Academy Awards ceremony is designed to be without irony, but Chris Rock supplied it anyway with filmed movie-theater interviews with black men and women who had never heard of the movies nominated for Best Picture.

    Women can break down barriers to opportunity, and men, many of them reluctantly, have learned to relate to women as their equals in thought and action. But except for an eccentric few, women do not want to become warriors.

    America-bashing is addictive, born of power envy and nurtured by power lust among the weak, the cowardly and craven.

    Most of the debate over the cultures of death and life is about process. The debate focuses on the technology available to determine how we prolong life and how and when we end it.

    Hollywood and the recording industry argue that current law permits the copying of songs and movies, and sharing them on the Internet. This enables young people to grow up learning how to steal.

    Must an aerobics instructor be thin A tailor make the best-dressed lists A cosmetic saleswoman be pretty

    Many critics of the Palestinians, especially those in Congress, think the current calm is merely the eye of the storm. That's why the House of Representatives approved a foreign aid package last week that forbade the direct financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority .

    That's what Major League Baseball's steroid scandal was all about, the hidden harm in competitive sports that sends the wrong message to the young.

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