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Stephen King Quotes on Faces (5 Quotes)

  • That above all else. They did not look out their windows. No matter what noises or dreadful possibilities, no matter how awful the unknown, there was an even worse thing: to look the Gorgon in the face.
    (Stephen King, "Salem's Lot")

  • It's strange how pain marks our faces, and makes us look like family.
    (Stephen King, "The Green Mile")

  • Their faces were zealously blank, their eyes filled with bland fire.
    (Stephen King, "The Gunslinger")

  • The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want for nothing. He makes me lie down in the green pastures. He greases up my head with oil. He gives me kung-fu in the face of my enemies. Amen
    (Stephen King, "The Stand")

  • There's a Mr. Hyde for every happy Jekyll face, a dark face on the other side of the mirror. The brain behind that face never heard of razors, prayers, or the logic of the universe. You turn the mirror sideways and see your face reflected with a sinister left-hand twist, half mad and half sane.
    (Stephen King)

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