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    I saw Marat yesterday and he looked fine. He said the injury has fully healed and he was ready to resume playing.

    We have had some great battles with the French over the last few years and I'm sure our next match will be just as tough.

    I knew I wouldn't be allowed to succeed, so I decided to quit. Besides, at the time Soviet leaders considered tennis a bourgeois sport and we were not allowed to travel to the West and play against the best.

    We met on the beach and I offered him a game of tennis. He refused at first but when I offered to play doubles together, he agreed. You know the rest. Meeting Yeltsin simply changed not only my life but also had a profound effect on Russian tennis.

    Well, Lundgren proved me wrong but I'm not bitter. I'm very happy for both Marat and Peter.

    I took up tennis only because we were allowed to play soccer after our regular training.

    Unfortunately, Marat is still not fully recovered from his injury, but I'm sure that he will join us in the next round if we beat the Dutch.

    This Belgian sports minister has broken every ethical rule in the book by naming a player without any proof of wrongdoing, without any basic evidence.

    I wanted to be a soccer player but my mother forced me to quit because she thought it was a dangerous sport after I got injured,

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