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    We showed the industry that female artists could attract the same audiences as the big male stars.

    My love, you know you are my best friend. You know that I'd do anything for you And my love, let nothing come between us. My love for you is strong and true.

    I'm so tired, but I can't sleep... standing on the edge of something much too deep... funny how I feel so much but cannot say a word... we are screaming inside, oh, but we can't be heard... so afraid to love you, more afraid to lose... clinging to a past.

    I pull you from your tower, take away your pain. Show you all the beauty you possess, if you only let yourself believe.

    Yet we have a great opportunity and great platform to talk about a lot of issues that are important to me and a lot of us as women and human beings.

    I thought, 'Well, why don't I get some of the women who I've had open up for me before and some artists that I really admire and respect. Let's ask them to do a few shows.'

    The night is my companion...solitude my guide....and I would be the one to hold you down, kiss you so hard, I'll take your breath body aches to breathe your breath, your words keep me alive.

    Happiness is like a cloud, if you stare at it long enough, it evaporates.

    Mother can't you see I've got to live my life the way I feel is right for me might not be right for you but it's right for me...

    We asked all sorts of people from all different walks of music and this is who we got this year, who said yes. I think music crosses barriers and boundaries. If it's good, it's good. We're after good music.

    We're just here to put on a great musical show and I think any social or political issues are secondary, although very important, because it is a music festival first and foremost,

    If you love large, you've got to hurt large. If you've got a lot of light, you've probably got an equal amount of darkness.

    I write music all the time. When I talk about having writer's block, it's more to do with lyrics than anything else.

    Dear God, Sorry to disturb you, but I feel that I should be heard loud and clear. We all need a big reduction in the amount of tears. And all the people that you made in your image, See them fighting in the street 'Cause they can't make opinions meet

    We're constantly being told what other people think we are, and that's why it is so important to know yourself.

    I'm really lucky that my record companies have been patient with me and leave me alone and give me the time to make it right in my mind.

    Deep within I'm shaken by the violence Of existing for only youI know I can't be with youI do what I have to do.

    Time is a beautiful thing. It's like when you meet an old lover on the street six years later and they don't look so ugly anymore.

    Am I faithful, am I strong, am I good enough to belong In your reverie of a perfect girl

    I think I've become a much better singer and a much better player. Years and years of playing a couple of hours every day will do that.

    Why are there so many songs about ravens, and what's on the other side Rainbows are visions, but only illusions. Rainbows have nothing to hide

    I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to go crazy. I don't party like I used to.

    People's ignorance really pisses me off. Stupidity is when you can't help it-ignorance is when you choose not to understand something.

    Peace in the struggle to find peace.. comfort on the way to comfort. And if I shed a tear I won't cage it I won't fear love. And if I feel a rage I won't deny it...I won't fear love.

    We plan to have three years and try not to repeat artists in the same marketplaces. I have a hard time thinking of what's going be going on next week, much less two years from now. We're going to sit down after '99 and reassess things, probably take a year off.

    I was a pretty insecure kid, didn't have a lot of friends, and was picked on a lot, and music gave me confidence.

    I've never done heroin, but I totally understood what would drive people to that distraction-to need that so much.

    I think a lot of contemplation happens in bathtubs. It does for me. Nothing like a hot bath to ease the tension and think about what's going to happen next.

    I'm a bit of a control freak. I think it would be difficult for me to give it up because my name is so associated with it.

    In the lonely light of morning, in a world that would not heal, it's the bitter taste of losing everything that I've held so dear

    I don't tend to question things that much. If it feels right, I go for it.

    It's a big challenge for me to keep my integrity and some of my privacy intact.

    Cause I rely on my illusions, to keep me warm at night. I've denied in my capacity to love, and I am willing to give up this fight

    It's a very romantic sentiment, but to think that you would die if you didn't write, well, I would definitely choose to not write and live.

    The more we take the less we become, the fortune of one man means less for some.

    Every time I'm close to you, there's too much I can's say and you just walk away... I grieve in my condition for I cannot find the words to say I need you so.

    Hold on, hold on to yourself, for this is gonna hurt like hell.

    I try so hard to live in the moment - I don't think ahead very much.

    You've been gone so long from all that you know. It's been shuffled aside as you bask in the glow. All the beauitful strangers who whisper your name, do they fill up the emptiness Larger that life is your fiction, in a universe made upon one.

    I sort of feel like music saved my life when I was young. This is the one thing that I knew I was good at.

    It's an amazing luxury to say I'm 31 years old and I'm gonna take a year off. That's pretty amazing.

    We try to create this interesting appearance to make ourselves feel better about ourselves.

    Deadlines are meant to be broken. And I just keep breaking them.

    I'm not a media darling. I'm not on the cover of all these magazines. I just quietly do my thing.

    Heaven bent to take my hand And lead me through the fire Be the long awaited answer To a long and painful fight.

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