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    I was trying them out and they looked good. I won't use them again. Not after that stuff.

    Just get it over with. Just pick somebody. It doesn't really matter who, if they give us more leeway, free us up from MLB. We can't worry about that. We don't think about that in here. But it would be nice to finally have someone to call an owner.

    The biggest thing to him, really, is poise. He doesn't get all shaky. He's really composed out there.

    I was topping it off with a nice cold one. It tasted much better.

    There is no coaching in the minors or the majors that compares to the kind of coaching we got here in terms of individual attention. He makes you into a man. He does everything that is needed to get you ready for the next level.

    I am not the type of person who would call into question the religious beliefs of others.

    It was a wake-up call. He told us to go out and enjoy it and do the right things. We're not doing the right things.

    Everybody coming back to the dugout was just like, 'Wow,

    I'm trying to find my groove. It's been a rough week. My swing is not good. You got the weight of the world on you. I don't think the fans realize this sport is built on failure.

    It would be an honor to stand out there next to him. I'm pulling for him. I've got his back. Hopefully, this is history.

    Finally, we get to strap it on and get out there and enjoy what we're doing. You bring everybody together and we get to see what we got and go from there. You start meeting as many people as you can and after that you pretty much know everybody by their first name instead of just a number.

    We just look at the race. It's close. We know we're running out of time. But anything can happen, especially with everybody playing each other.

    I didn't let myself get down for not being here at the beginning of the year. You have to let the game come to you and wait for your opportunities. This is definitely a good start.

    He doesn't really go back in the past. All he's about is now and getting us ready to play. He can be fiery. He can get after you if you mess up and let you know about it.

    It's just good to get here early. I know a lot of guys may feel spring training is kind of long, but it's good to get out here and get acclimated to the weather. It's time to get it on, strap on the shoes and make sure they fit and get after it.

    We just couldn't get it done. We got guys on base. We had the ability. We had the guys in the lineup we wanted. We just couldn't do it.

    I feel like I'm accustomed to Spring Training. It's like, just hurry up and get it over with. Let's start it up again and strap it on. I'm really eager. You can bet I'm going to do well.

    I want to cut down on my strikeouts -- that's key. I want to get on base. Back in the Minor Leagues, my strikeouts and walks were pretty close together. Last year, I struck out a little too much.

    It's finally come around, ... A little progression each at-bat, each day, and last night was just a turning point to get back to being me.

    It's about trust. I know what I did last year and know how to get back there. That's all I had to do. Even in Spring Training, I had an idea of taking pitches more. I'm getting the pitches that I want. I either hit them or I'm fouling them off.

    It was one of those things where it was tough to see. After I saw it, I came busting in. All of a sudden, the ball went by me to my right. There was nothing you could really do. I couldn't get to it.

    Sometimes you stand back and watch him during batting practice and say, 'Wow, he's only 21,' He's got it all, everything.

    I'm not going to lie to you, it caught up to me. I started to get a little drained. I was kind of dragging a little. But it's not a bad thing, because you want to test your body in Spring Training -- to get it ready and go through all the battle of the season.

    I like it. I can't wait. I wish it could be ready next year. They've got the blueprints. Now start building the thing.

    Shocked. Only word I can say. That's it shocked.

    I said, like, Jewish people, they don't believe in Jesus. Does that mean they're doomed Jon nodded, like, that's what it meant. My ex-girlfriend I was like, man, if they only knew. Other religions don't know any better. It's up to us to spread the word.

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