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    Democrats believe we should renew our commitment to creating tax credits for hybrid vehicles, increasing fuel efficiency standards for cars, and investing in ethanol, biofuel, hydrogen fuel cell technology,

    The moral issue here is whether the United States Congress is going to stand in the way of science and preclude scientists from doing lifesaving research.

    We want to put pressure on the big oil companies and place an attack on excess profits and we also are going to have to keep a close eye on any price gouging.

    Poor people are going to get the short end of the stick, despite all the public sympathy. That's a great irony.

    Expanding eligibility of family planning services to low-income women will maximize cost-savings to both federal and state governments, reduce the disparities in access to family planning services for low-income women, and decrease the incidence of abortion in the U.S.

    Those most likely to be raped or sexually assaulted are young women between the ages of 16 and 24, women with their whole lives ahead of them. This one act of violence will alter their lives forever.

    Since children are particularly vulnerable to food-borne illness, schools must be vigilant in their efforts to ensure that cafeterias are not putting children at risk. These changes in law will support parents who want to work with school principals and food-service directors to ensure a safe environment,

    DHS gives a lot of lip service to what localities are supposed to do, but the federal government doesn't fund it,

    We are taking years to deal with public health. If APHIS is in charge of avian influenza and we have the kinds of problems existing here, it doesn't bode well for public safety.

    For too long the U.S. military's leadership has been ignored and stifled by a White House motivated by its own political and ideological agenda.

    1 month ago the American people stopped to remember the third anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq war. We thought first and foremost of the selflessness, patriotism and heroism by our troops, our National Guard and Reserves.

    I believe that the issue of mental health services for our troops deploying or returning from combat is one that demands the attention of this body, if only for a few minutes today.

    The Bush administration and Congressional Republicans have failed to bring up comprehensive energy reform or any piece of legislation for that matter that would lower gas prices, opting instead to give massive subsidies to the oil and gas industry.

    Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, brain and spinal cord disorders, diabetes, cancer, at least 58 diseases could potentially be cured through stem cell research, diseases that touch every family in America and in the world.

    With 28 million children eating lunch at school every day in the United States, I believe government has an obligation to ensure parents have some peace of mind when they send their children off to school in the morning,

    The State Energy Program, it provides grants to States and directs funding to State energy offices. The States use these grants to address their energy priorities, program funding to adopt emerging renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.

    Our plan provides more tax relief targeted to low and moderate income Americans and makes sure that more American families can take advantage of the EITC.

    Connecticut will elect John DeStefano its next governor because as our citizens get to know him, they will learn this state needs his leadership here in Hartford,

    At the same time, we must find ways to maintain humanitarian assistance and avoid a spiral into human suffering in the Palestinian territories.

    The Texas Energy Office's Loan Star Program has reduced building energy consumption and taxpayers' energy costs through the efficient operation of public buildings, saving taxpayers more than $172 million through energy efficiency projects.

    A woman in the United States has a 1-in-7 chance of developing breast cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths for women in America.

    Women across the country should be encouraged, as I am today, with mounting scientific evidence of the benefits of the HPV vaccine.

    This bill puts the interests of gun companies ahead of victims of violent crimes that deserve their day in court,

    This is what the federal government ought to be doing, ... This is what government is about.

    It is simply wrong for the Department of Homeland Security to award an expatriate with the largest corporate contract to date.

    Evening the playing field for women workers is a matter of fairness and with women now providing a significant share of their family's income, it is a family issue.

    The best proof of the high quality of American beef is the continued negative BSE findings supported by the highest surveillance possible. The administration should be working to increase our surveillance of BSE, not scaling it back.

    Last week, the president suggested his tax cut will solve energy crisis. That is a bizarre and disconnected idea.

    They utilized this two-week period of time to do precisely what I and others said that they would do -- to try to create fear in this country and to try to bring pressure on members on Congress.

    With the end of the civil war in southern Sudan, these last six months ought to have been an opportunity for progress in Darfur.

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