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    Men and women walked casually about as they did on the main floor, every now and then stopping one another, exchanging pleasantries or scraps of relevantly irrelevant information. Gossip.

    The success of any trap lies in its fundamental simplicity. The reverse trap by the nature of its single complication must be swift and simpler still.

    Life is extremely complicated. I try as best I can to enter the realm of nuances of human behavior and alternatives of that behavior.

    I have always preferred conflict of individuals over the battle of extreme ideologies.

    . . . If you lose their interest, your're closing Saturday night.

    Through divine or demonic providence a concept is generated that fules the firs of his imagination. He is convinced it is truly a staggering premise which will seve as the spine of a truly staggering tale.

    The plot surges forward, complex gears mesh and strip and make a hell of a lot of noise -- drowning out the worki of true masters like that Mozart fellow and what's-his-name Handel.

    That gentleman will call the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I think they're scared of him. They're merely professional killers he's in advertising.

    Visions of one powerful scene after another parade across his inner screen, each exploding with drama and meaning . . .

    Greater economic power will be in the hands of too few.

    Characterization is integral to the theatrical experience.

    I try as best I can to enter the realm of nuances of human behavior.

    The typewriter is dusted and pencils are sharpened, doors are closed and heady music is played to drown out the sounds of man and nature behond the cell of staggering creation.

    I write primarily as an entertainer. But I find that whehter you're writing comically or dramtically, you write from a point of view of someting that disburgs or outrages you.

    A theater person should know what holds an audience and what does not.

    The Road to Gandolfo is one of those rare if insance accidents that can happen to a writer perhaps once or twice in his lifetime.

    The premise which will be the spinal thunderbolt of an incredible tale begins to take on substance as characters emerge with faces and bodies, personalities and ocnflicts..

    A large part of this story took place a while back. And quite a bit of it tomorrow. Such is the poetic license of liturgical drama.

    The theater man knows that he must involve the audience. He understands structure more than anyone else -- the logical evolving of one event into another event without losing the audiences's attention.

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    - The Bourne Identity

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