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    Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. I love your voice man, you give me chills... Brilliant.

    Greensboro, N.C., was an eye-opener. Of course, Clay and Fantasia came from Carolina. They're not as affected as New York and Los Angeles, where they watch too much VH1 and MTV and mimic that.

    It's time to get hot. This is the time to do it.

    I think it's better than ever, with more balance than ever. There are great boys and great girls.

    The kids this time, I think, want this worse than ever.

    When we get on a roll, we can swing the bats like that. You take advantage of what pitches they give you, and tonight they got some good pitches and good looks and took advantage of it.

    You're one of the most natural, great singers I've heard in a long time.

    You get a shot at bat when you win this. You've won the competition. You've got the prize. Now you've got to make a great record. That's the hardest thing for all of them, because I don't think all of them have made great records.

    I'm so happy . . . country girl and southern rocker up there -- wow, this is big

    It's going to be all my brothers, but that's a work in progress. We're having our creative meetings right now. I'm really excited. My brothers are like my idols.

    For the first time ever this season, I gotta stand up for you.

    I think this was your greatest night ever. It was so the bomb. ... This was a classy, great performance tonight.

    Man, every time Kelly opened her mouth she gave me chills

    I grew up in Baton Rouge and learned to be a musician down there in New Orleans. I call it the only city in America that has its own brand of music.

    He left, went to the hotel and got his own bags. He hired his own jet back to Los Angeles. That is crazy

    I can't wait for your acting career to start. Your face -- the camera loves you.

    It's amazing what it's done for the music business, even though a lot of record companies don't want to admit it.

    We've been on a roll. We can swing the bat like that. In a Miami tournament, I think we had 51 hits in four games. We're capable. Tonight they got some good pitches, and they took advantage of it.

    There's great girls, great boys, I mean I know you hear us say it every time but truly, truly good talent. And I think it's the year for the boy, finally

    I think America made the right choices. It's a better balance. You got some pretty good boys, you got some pretty good girls.

    I gotta say, man, I was expecting big things from you tonight. ... Dude, you definitely did not disappoint. ... You delivered, baby.

    I don't think we are as deep as last year, especially on the mound. But we are deeper swinging the bat. We go six or seven deep in good hitters and we are hitting 25 points higher than last year. We also have a lot more speed than last year.

    The theory is that Mariah Carey can sing anything. You hear that expression, 'She can sing the phone book.' So if you can really sing, you should be able to sing anything, so we're testing them. That's the whole competition.

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