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    This is more than money, it's a sense of friendship and a sense of concern for the people in the Gulf coast,

    We're the only G8 country that doesn't have a national transportation plan.

    Other than on budget day each year, I don't recall ever in my years as being premier, or in my years in provincial politics, ever making such a significant one-day investment announcement,

    I know that in this province, the buck would have stopped with me, ... I would first of all, if they could track me down, I would be hung. And if they couldn't, I would have to find a place far enough away in the world to hide.

    When that happens, there are choices we can make about how surplus funds can be used strategically and deliberately to invest in Alberta's future, ... They will be made throughout the year as our financial forecasts are updated.

    Others have said we're on the slippery slope, on the verge of violating the Canada Health Act, ... I don't know if we are or not.

    After all, we're gearing up to have one heck of a birthday party on Sept. 1.

    It's overwhelming to say the least, ... I've never seen anything like it, and I hope I never see anything like it again.

    It's just that there's other things to do. The legislature is one thing on my agenda, and you've got to look at my daily agenda. It's huge,

    The animal that was diseased was taken immediately out of the human food chain, ... If they had that tracking system relative to tracking down terrorists, I think they'd be caught a long time ago.

    They say that the fish there only come in one size and that's big. So, when it's done, I might just take a ride on the new road to try my luck.

    The U. S. administration is finally paying attention to the oilsands in particular,

    bright, articulate individual, perhaps he's seen as too much on the right.

    It is an absolute poison and a scourge on society and it is time to talk about it,

    I'm pleased to announce today that 1.4 billion of this year's surplus is going to be used to improve access to health services across the province,

    It is a young man's game and it is a blood sport.

    There was no government influence whatsoever, ... We went so far as to hire an independent lawyer. He obviously reviewed the evidence and came to the conclusion that a conviction couldn't be obtained.

    I had the chance to take a look at the impact and reach of the spill on the lake and along the shoreline, ... Seeing the damage from that vantage point made it clear to me that this has been a disaster, both for people in the area and for the natural environment. Its heartbreaking.

    They vote as to whether they're going to have one. And if they have one, to me that says that there's no confidence in me.

    It's important to travel the country, to understand that what's good for Alberta is good for the rest of Canada in terms of the taxes we pay and the contributions to the rest of Confederation.

    It's my hope that this auditorium, along with the hundreds of other centennial projects, will spur Albertans to even greater heights in the next 100 years. That's the power and the purpose of a legacy, to inspire those that are touched by it,

    This is a province rich in blessings and hope, ... The best is yet to come.

    I'll do whatever he wants me to do, ... I don't think I'll door knock, but certainly I'll speak, and I'll speak on his behalf.

    Our only hope is that it the endowment fund will help Canadians who need it to achieve their dreams,

    Randy Travis would be good here, too. I'm a real country and western fan,

    I don't know who would challenge it, other than the bad guys, the people who have an interest in selling drugs to children,

    It will give government the power to rescue, defend and shelter these children, ... These children are being exposed to activities and toxic chemicals that put their lives at risk.

    I'm reminding them to look at the big picture, at what we contribute to the Confederation,

    Then the price of oil went down and the rest of Canada, of course, were wringing their hands in glee saying, 'Oh well, you deserved it.'

    It's the politics of the Liberal party that they seem to get away with this kind of thing in Ontario and to some degree in Quebec. He'll likely form another government. Whether it's a minority or a majority, I don't know. But certainly he'll get votes out of Ontario.

    The 72 million that was spent on the two auditoriums, the Jubes in Calgary and Edmonton, was spent in the inside of the auditoriums to make them more performance-friendly. All of the seats point into the stage so people will have a wonderful opportunity to see the performances unimpeded,

    Shirley expects to have something finalized in a month or so and we expect to have cheques in the mail by the end of this year,

    These scholarships are a small way of expressing Albertans' thanks to Canada for 100 years of being part of the best country in the world,

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