Paddy Ashdown Quotes on Countries (6 Quotes)

    I am absolutely delighted that the international community has chosen Schwarz-Schilling to be my successor. He knows this country, he loves this country... and I cannot think of nobody better to take on this job.

    I don't know a country in the entire world that has made faster progress from war, let alone such a terrible war, to peace,

    This country is about history, and unless the Serbs in particular come to some understanding of this history, we cannot build a stable state.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has done what many said was impossible even a year ago, let alone at the start of my mandate in May 2002. For the country now stands at the gates of Europe. This is a truly remarkable achievement for a country as war-torn as Bosnia and Herzegovina was just 10 years ago.

    I don't think there is anyone who knows Bosnia-Herzegovina better than him. He is deeply trusted in the country. The international mission is in save hands.

    I love this country, I love these people, though I can't say I love their politicians. People are always nicer than politicians, but here, you can mark that difference up a hundredfold.

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