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    He's a hard worker. I'm sure he'll do fine once he gets going. Not having run a draft room before will be an adjustment, but I hadn't done that either before I did it for the first time. Where he came up from the pro side, I came up from the college side, but he's a bright guy. He'll learn.

    I know him very well. I played with him two years in college. We'll talk and mess around. I respect his game, but he knows when that whistle blows, it doesn't matter. We are going at each other's throats.

    We had opportunities here in Salinas growing up. Things have changed, hopefully for the better, but it remains the same that education is the answer to bettering ourselves.

    This was a straight-forward, hard-nosed, blue-collar camp. This was like being in school. You studied, you got tested and then the teachers - the coaches - went over the results with you.

    It's simply a dream come true to have the opportunity to assume the reins of a program that has the reputation and resources of Iowa State University. Staying in this state - close to family and friends- was a bonus.

    The hey day when a high school or college education would serve a graduate for a lifetime is gone, ... Today's recipients of diplomas expect to have many jobs and to use a wide range of skills over their working lives.

    They've really got their work cut out for them. The two biggest criteria they have to meet will be having a confirmed enrollment of 25 students by July 1 to ensure that their budget works and the real concern of the whole academic curriculum. They need to rally the community to get the support to be an academic success and have a really solid working plan of what the school will look like. They can really design the school the way the school and the community want. If they can come up with that plan, enrollment shouldn't be a problem. It's a challenge, but they can do it.

    I love Indiana University. I think it is an exciting institution and it has been a privilege to serve it as its president. Also, I think there does come a time in everyone's life when you have to address the question of what's important at that point in time. So, I will have fulfilled my five-year obligation and at the conclusion of that period, I want to turn my focus on my family.

    His skill level is good at the college level and his speed is at the top end of the college level. His physical presence is great. I think he's going to have a shot to play in the NHL because of his speed and physical power. He's got a huge heart and has a willingness to play game in and game out.

    It's like a combination of college and military training. It's not five star, you're not babied... I was expected to do whatever was asked of me. There are frequent exams and I was expected to pass the exams. I haven't had that in over 30 years, the fear we all have -- here's the test, I'd better not fail it.

    They run a real good motion offense. I've talked to a couple of college coaches and that's one of the things they've said. Their outside shooting is a big concern. Their quickness is also a concern, but we're pretty quick, too.

    I think its a little adjustment for him, getting in school and all, with the different requirements and obligations, balancing school and golf. I think its going to take a little time for him to get comfortable. But hes settling in well. Its just a little growing process.

    There are no secrets to success. Don't waste your time looking for them. Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty to those for whom you work, and persistence.

    He did a lot of good things. He's one of the great mature young quarterbacks in college football. We didn't win the game. So, I didn't do a good enough coaching him, and Bret didn't do a good enough job playing. We approach it that way, and these guys know that. It's a team thing all the way.

    Perhaps we should make it into a school or a hospital. It symbolized the mentality of Saddam Hussein, and then it also became the symbol of everything that went wrong during the occupation.

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