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    Today's students are more global in their perspective, taking Spanish and even Mandarin Chinese, as part of attaining a well-rounded education. That's a wise move considering the likelihood they will supervise, or be supervised by, someone whose first language isn't English.

    Normally, people think that because I play for a private school, and we play other private schools, that the play is not as good and so that's why my stats are what they are.

    In the '80s Milli Vanilli was ruined by lip-synching, ... but now it's looked upon as enhancing people's careers. Today the weirder and creepier your life is, the more successful you are. There no longer seems to be any substance to performers and bands today. Everybody just wants to be famous. We come from a more traditional old school. We're proud that we sing and play live. We grew up paying our dues, learning from our masters.

    Immigrants, whether you're looking at Irish and Germans 200 years ago or Hispanics today, come in with relatively low levels of education and they take relatively low-level jobs.

    Our aim is to overcome the cultural and language differences that create difficulties in critical situations, whether it's helping people in a shelter during a hurricane, offering AIDSHIV education, or teaching children to stay safe in the water.

    Students were aware that there was a risk of arrest for trespassing. That said, we certainly hoped that the university wouldn't respond to the students' actions by arresting them. We were in the midst of what we thought was good faith substantive dialogue.

    Back-to-work legislation is not an option that will work in the interests of students. If imposed, there will be absolutely no trust in the process since back-to-work legislation could impose not only an arbitrator, but even a contract. In this case, students will likely not see improvements in the faculty student ratio - this would be serious set-back in the quality of college education.

    Creativity is an important part of modern teaching and learning. It made sense to take their idea and upgrade it using emerging twenty-first century technology.

    Let him walk here ,on earth , bringing his dress, speech, and thoughts to a conformity with his age, his occupation, his wealth, his sacred learning, and his race.

    I enjoyed high school and college, and I think I learned a lot, but that was not really my focus. My focus was on trying to figure out what businesses to start.

    Jaime is one of the toughest competitors in college hockey, yet off the ice he is one of hockeys finest citizens. He has had a major impact on the growth of community service participation during his time at the University of Vermont. This is a tremendous honor for Jaime, his family and the university.

    We look at history, ... We look at counts. We look at where schools are in terms of staffing. We make phone calls to schools. I also bring in e-mails from principals regarding requests. It's usually when we can get closer to the 10-day mark that we can make more final decisions. That's not to say we won't make some decisions. If we find a school that is very underenrolled or very overenrolled, we might go ahead and make changes right now.

    With some modification, a very powerful product could be developed to assist the college coach. Considering the already intense recruiting competition among college programs, technology may ultimately provide the edge needed to succeed at the highest level.

    There are a lot of young guys who are doing it, like the guy in Pittsburgh (Ben Roethlisberger), ... He's doing it. They're seeing a lot of it (pro-style defenses) in college now.

    Schools already invest in computers for pupils and have more IT equipment than ever before. But children need access to computers both at school and at home. That's whey we need to see an increase in portable technologies that can be used beyond the classroom and at school.

    He has plans of going onto a Division 1-A college on a football scholarship. Even though he is only a junior, a lot of schools have expressed an interest in him. He is also an excellent student, according to what I have learned,

    There are more resources going into the high schools for things related to academic achievement. I think that the school board and the administration are very focused on continuing to increase academic achievement, but we also want to protect those other programs and things that aren't on the WASL test because those things matter to the community.

    The care of children. . . is infinitely better left to the best-trained practitioners of both sexes who have chosen it as a vocation, rather than to harried and all too frequently unhappy persons with little time or taste for the work of educating minds.

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