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    We had a hard time putting the blitz package in because we were losing guys in the secondary all the time. You had both corners out at one time. You had the nickel (back) out at one time. So you can't do that when you have a rotating secondary, because you're going to get mistakes and you're going to get (beaten) by it.

    I think if you watch out here in practice, his speed is truly remarkable. The refinement of that position is complete for him. Now it's just how to use him and where to use him and all of those good things.

    I think it's a trophy. It's taken him many years to get to that point and develop it. That's a lot of hard work there.

    I think Marshall is just about at full speed, his knees are no longer an issue. He and Steven Jackson make quite a one-two punch.

    Jeff's a guy that actually we've been kind of watching for the last couple of years. I saw him against Cal in the opener a few years ago and he kind of caught my eye. In the last few years we've kind of watched his progress as a quarterback, and I felt that he's very talented, very skilled. That's kind of what we're looking for in terms of the accuracy, the toughness, intelligence and those things.

    He's had a very good preseason. I thought that particularly in the last two games, he showed up bigger and bigger. We need to have him be that way during the season.

    Tommy's toe, the best way of explaining it, it was just hanging there. It was a complete reconstruction. We've got to watch how we use him, but he's been great.

    He doesn't comment on how I coach, and it was what he saw. We just have to live with it and go with it.

    Yeah, when we came in at halftime, the defensive players were extremely animated and upset, ... They said, 'This is the season. We're not going to let this thing slip away.' And they didn't. They came out in the second half and took care of it.

    It could end up being one of the all-time great Super Bowls. I just think Seattle, with that offensive line and that running back, has the edge.

    We lacked discipline. That's coaching. That's me. We need to get a lot more disciplined in every phase.

    It's an outstanding team and especially offensively. I think they are probably as good as anyone in the league on offense.

    Im really and truly thrilled with this group Ive said this before, but Im so excited for this organization and this city. We are not where we can be, but sometimes at night, I get goose bumps thinking about what these guys are capable of.

    It starts with him in the middle, particularly in the running game. He's a hammer for us and we needed that.

    I guess on that sack he got hit in the head pretty good. We couldn't figure out why he was having such a hard time getting plays in. ... Right after that sack, he was hearing it, but he wasn't sorting it out. I didn't know what was going on. I thought we had a communication problem.

    You've got to make something happen. If you get something like that, then obviously, there's a scramble to get lined up again, and spike it, or go for another play. We couldn't just sit there and get in another zone defense.

    We will carry about 30 plays in (the game plan) for him if it ever gets to that from this point on, ... Mike can come in and do a good job there. I know he can go over and play X (flanker). He remembers the X position.

    Wherever the ball is, that's where he is. That's the mark of an outstanding player at that position. Wherever the ball is, you'll see his number.

    We had a couple big plays in that game that had no business ever happening. For whatever reason, they did occur.

    I take one twice a day, and the other one three times a day, ... One takes an hour to go in, and one takes five minutes to go in.

    He was up all night and he was late coming in this morning, ... There's no communication, they're worried sick, so it's a very difficult time for Marshall right now.

    There's a wrong impression that I'm desperate for a job. I'm not pursuing anything.

    That would be unfair to Steve. But if I wanted an open line, isn't that my prerogative as head coach This is all so bizarre.

    In this situation, we solely relied on Kurt's opinion of him. Obviously he coached him. He had great things to say about him, thought he had terrific potential, had some injury issues that we are hoping and think are cleared up at this point. He's still rough around the edges, but he's a competitive guy with a lot of ability that we think in short order can contribute for us.

    I have no desire to retire. But to have a year when you have your health, it's a blessing.

    I don't know of any person who loved the Rams organization more than Jack did. There wasn't one thing that happened at Rams Park that didn't affect Jack emotionally. He was going to be there for me, for everyone with the Rams, through the good times and bad. Everyone's a pal when you win. But if we lost and I was feeling down, he understood. Because if something hurt me or the Rams, he would hurt, too.

    I think he kind of really wants to be back in the action.

    Three days and five practices into his NFL career, first-round draft choice Alex Barron is drawing plaudits. I was pleasantly surprised by a lot of things with Alex, ... I think the toughness and resolve that he really came to camp with was evident.

    Yeah, (Barron) is a ways away, ... When Orlando was starting (in '97), offensively, they were kind of finding their way, so to speak. We're fairly well established. So the expectations for whoever would play at that position are pretty high.

    Every time I get a chance to peek at them, I like watching them, because I think he's very good. He's very creative, and he really knows personnel and the limitations of what he has, and really takes advantage of his strengths. I really do like watching them play.

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