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    It's a pleasure to watch him play for anyone that loves soccer, and it's a pleasure to think, as a fan, that he could play for your team. Right now it appears difficult to me because he's tied to Arsenal by a contract and because I think he wants to stay in London.

    At this moment it seems difficult because he is tied by his contract to Arsenal and because I have the impression he would like to stay in London.

    I think that in delicate games like these it's indispensable to have complete autonomy.

    I bought Inter for reasons of passion and I have handled all these years with the desire to sell the club after winning a lot of trophies. Unfortunately the team has faded in the face of the big challenges. I need to take that into account and have the duty to do so.

    I think the Frenchman is happy in London and Arsenal are preparing a contract extension for him. Hence, they have first choice. It would be a different situation if the player wanted to have another experience elsewhere. Henry is a player I enjoy watching.

    For the time being it's only speculation. Of course, I like Henry, I don't think anyone would respond differently to this question.

    This was the year in which we had to win something important ... in these moments you must understand the possible best move. If throwing everything away, if rebuilding, if believing or not.

    I am aware that the money we have given to Emergency is nothing compared to the millions spent on players, and I feel embarrassed. I understand that these figures are worrisome. They worry me also. But when you are the head of a business like Inter, you assume the responsibility of offering a quality product. These figures that circulate are normal in the industrial world, but they are not so well known, while in football everything is public.

    I do not want to occupy this position if someone else thinks he could do better. If there is a buyer, I will sell the club.

    The defeat was unexpected and can't really be explained. I have read everything that has been written and I agree it was a horrible game. The supporters are right to be angry, as they went all the way to see that.

    Winning the Italian Cup also gave us more confidence, serenity. I thought we were on that level last year, but this time we won't have to go through a settling in period.

    I would not oppose someone who thinks he can do better and engage with the club.

    I've heard some debates about the morality of this. To me, it seems like a good idea to put together people from different countries with the same objective. If it could be done outside the sports field, it would be considered fantastic.

    Yes, I'm a bit bored ... there is no need of protests and violence to induce someone to leave. The desire to do it already exists.

    I think we have the continuity we've lacked for years, thanks to the hard work of Mancini.

    A win would be very important. There's still a very long way to go in the championship. It's not a decisive match but it is important for the morale and security that we could get from it. This is even more important than the three points.

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