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    It's a pleasant surprise, ... It's positive for the company. Mike was instrumental as a turnaround player at Motorola. This is what Nortel really needed.

    We are encouraged by the company's progress in expanding its installed base while improving its financial model.

    a journey, not a destination.

    It seems like Juniper is settling from a technology innovator that used to grow at a rate faster than the market with the ability to gain market share to a more steady state.

    Once they get toward the April quarter and into the fiscal year end, the company has quite a bit working in its favor.

    It seems like the results were uncharacteristically in line with no upside for revenue and EPS (earnings per share). Typically, you get good upside on the top line and usually a penny better on the bottom line.

    Investors want to get a sense of how overall demand is related to tech spending. People are still trying to get a sense of visibility in terms of demand.

    Consumers are generally deterred when it comes to adopting the latest integrated mobile devices due to concerns of obsolescence. As integrated mobile devices become more complex, a significant time lag can persist before the trajectory of growth accelerates. But digital music, video, and web browsing wrapped in an iconic device, may help mobile device makers grab a greater share of an individual's disposable income previously allocated to other consumer electronics.

    There's a permeating culture at GE to dominate in markets they play in. Nortel has to make several important decisions about what markets and products to serve over the next three to five years.

    I wouldn't totally correlate MBAs with business momentum and strategic thinking. Some engineers have very good business sense, and some corporate leaders don't even have advanced degrees. Having said that, there is something to be said for new thinking, strong decision-making and fresh ideas, particularly in organizations where corporate strategy and focus have become very staid.

    Nortel is taking the necessary steps to dig itself out of a hole. It will, however, take some time. We get the sense that things are now being accounted for appropriately in the right quarter.

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