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    If kids are going to be on campus six hours a day, let's be responsible about what we give them.

    I'm a parent. We all want great futures for our kids. The after-school program helps to provide that for these kids. Otherwise many of them would go home to empty homes because their parents have to work.

    I should have also listened to my wife, who said don't do this,

    Don't think of him as a Republican. Think of him as the man I love, and if that doesn't work, think of him as the man who can crush you.

    We all know what happens to first ladies who shoot their mouths off.

    I thought a lot about what I could say here today. I also thought a lot about what I couldn't or shouldn't say for one reason or the other, ... We all know what happens to first ladies who shoot their mouths off they get sent to first ladies' dungeon, and you wouldn't want that to happen to me.

    I wanted to learn about the struggles of the women in China and the struggle about starting a center like this,

    I don't believe in gutter politics. I don't believe in gutter journalism.

    Part of what Special Olympics is trying to do is break down stereotypes that still exist for people. There is still a lot of fear.

    When I look in the mirror, I don't just see a first lady, I don't just see a Kennedy or a Schwarzenegger, I don't just see a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister and a friend, and thank God, I don't see Warren Beatty.

    We should check where we are next year. I hope everyone is in this for the long haul.

    When it comes to political spouses, Laura Bush has managed to let it be known that she disagrees with her husband,'' Nieto said.

    I think that public service is tough on a family - no ifs, ands, buts about it. I have my own personal wishes, but they're not always front and center.

    to keep on doing the work and not worry what other people have to say.

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