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    I went to Catholic high school for half a year and religion wasn't the cool thing to talk about even at a catholic high school. It never came up.

    I wasn't to make an album that's going to make people say 'WOW I thought she was just some stupid little teen pop girl who didn't know what was going on' I want to prove people wrong.

    I'm sure Hugh's probably back in London now going like 'I worked with this girl, Mindy...' like I made no impression on him whatsoever

    Nobody goes to Hollywood with their boyfriend or girlfriend, like he's dead weight I can't have him in my life anymore and I just think she was just really frustrated with how simple he was.

    Love is like nothing else on this earth, but only when it is shared with someone wonderful like you.

    I had just laid down to go to sleep and got up to use the restroom and I thought it was just like a dispute or something.

    Because I'm in an adult world and I'm really working, my age is just a number. It's not really who I am.

    I just don't want to be known as the actress who can sing. I want to be known as the singer who can act, too. It's great cross-promotion.

    I want to be in New York. It's the place to be.

    My parents moved in with me, I'm very close with my family. But the time came when I actually had to kick my parents out because it's my house

    I don't have the self-confidence to walk around in a miniskirt and heels and a tube top. I'm still trying to learn to love and accept my body.

    It feels important to go school; not necessarily to further my education, but more like a hobby.

    I don't want to take fame for granted because that is when you start to think you are better than everyone else. That is when you start thinking that you are someone that you are not.

    Having this other career in music made me work harder as an actress. It's made me more professional.

    I am not going to talk about my personal life anymore. You have to learn that lesson sometime.

    People got a little confused. It was like I was myself but every single fact about me was tweaked. It was so not typical of who I am or how I act in a romantic relationship.

    I want to go to college to study journalism. I want to speak French fluently, to travel. My mom was a journalist and it's in my blood.

    I like older boys, but they think oh she's so underage, I love to have someone in mind when I am singing

    Hope is the most exciting thing there is in life.

    The actual producing, mixing, and mastering is hard work, harder than what I do.

    It's a lot more fun to play the bitch than it is to play the perfect girl 'cause everybody has a bad side inside of them.

    Not everyone has heard my name I want it to be a house hold name.

    I have ambitions to do a Broadway record one of these days and get in the studio with like, a real orchestra. I'm a big musical theatre geek.

    I'm extremely-extremely sensitive. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I'm such a girl when it comes to that. Anything upsets me. I cry all the time. I cry when I'm happy too.

    I do think it's possible to change for the better.

    There's a huge part of my life that I've skipped over, but I'm fine with it. I've maybe been drunk once or twice in my life. In fact, my 21st birthday was in Tokyo, and everyone around me was drunk, but I was sober.

    I'm not comfortable doing that. You shouldn't send that message out, that tight clothes are what get you the attention. If it works for them, fine. But, it's not for me.

    Jamie has her faith, and it's so special and so important and it plays such an important part in her life, but she's not preachy about it, ... She doesn't say to people, 'This is what I believe in, and if you don't believe in it, then you're wrong.'

    My body is changing. I just got boobs, and I now have hips. I'm like a size 6 or 8 now, and I like the way I look. I'm proud of it.

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