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    The best thing people can do is give their time.

    We'd like the thread of history to stay alive, ... Even if the bricks were used for signage along the Centennial Trail, that would lessen the impact of losing the building.

    Because we want a fair contract, we want lower health benefits, we want more money and we just want to be fair, they don't want to be fair.

    It is challenging to travel around the world, and this is a way you can visit other countries and find out your new neighbor's customs and culture. We need to appreciate what diversity can bring to the community.

    That's their decision. I would encourage them to hold on to their profits. I feel very lucky as their benefactor.

    The only request is they make it healthy.

    Every community member, whether they're not German or the whole works, are invited. New immigrants are wanting to connect with the community, and this is a nice way to do that.

    It has been a longtime favorite of our citizenry, surviving graffiti and destruction all these years, ... As one of the last brick buildings, it is sad to see it go. It's a reminder of the businesses that once thrived along Spokane Street.

    We've had great community support.

    It was definitely madness. It was a bunch of pre-teens and teens going around, having the mall to themselves. They were up all night. I think I saw one little girl who slept.

    We're upset. We think this is unfair for us and the other people who are suffering in the process.

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