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    A lot of times when people learn this improvisation stuff, they're drinking the Kool-Aid, and you're creating zealots for your work by showing them how to do it.

    It's one of those choices where, yeah, it's a brave choice, but it could really bring the house down.

    I've done this wrong a couple times, not knowing the market I went into. We have been scouring the papers and trying to understand where it is that we're going.

    The breast exam never would have made it (in the past), or it would have been the one 'chick scene' in the show. That was the language that would have been used. There's always more men who take classes than women, so there's more white men getting into this business.

    When we were talking to them about the marketing, I said traditional theater marketing never works for us. We need college students, we need young people who wouldn't necessarily go to Denver Center. We get a lot of people at Second City who don't know they're coming to an Actors' Equity theater. A lot of marketing we're doing is promoting Red Scare without the Second City name or the Denver Center name.

    For the audience, that's the most fun time to come to Second City, because truly anything will happen.

    The great thing about Second City is we do write the show in front of the audience.

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