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    However, Vegas' time with the Renegades ends on a night when they decide to raid a research facility where his sister previously worked. His sister is involved in a certain weird scientific research project and the leader of the Renegades is very interested in this research, ... So they go and 'visit'. Things get out of hand as they often do when the Renegades are around. The scientific experiment explodes. Strange energies are released. Vegas's sister dies and he is left for dead.

    The Vegas arc is set firmly in the modern day Marvel Universe in and around the area of Austin, Texas. I won't apologize for it, it's a Western, ... Except it's cowboys and superheroes. I handed off the script to Jeff Parker writer of the 'Vampire by Night' back up story in 'Amazing Fantasy' for his feedback. His reaction was what I hope a lot of people's reactions are. He goes, 'I was reading this and it was like there was this corner of the Marvel Universe I just didn't know existed but it's always been there.'

    The Vegas story might have super powered characters, but by no means is it your typical superhero story. It's very dark, ... It's hard for me to say exactly how dark but I think it's darker than stuff I have usually done in comics in the last few years.

    As he's traversing Texas on his quest for vengeance, Vegas runs into a Texas Ranger. His name is Harlan Stone, ... His nickname is Tombstone. He's the sort that you're going to pry his guns from his cold dead fingers. In broad western terms Tombstone is the sheriff and Vegas is the drifter.

    Texas Rangers are perfect for comic books. They're so larger than life. Their mission statement is to help out in situations beyond the scope of normal law enforcement. If they have to suppress a riot they send one guy.

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