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    The weather in the operational area is at last improving, and we confidently expect the full weight of NATO's air power will be brought to bear in the next few days,

    We continue to receive reports that the morale of some elements is being damaged, ... They are being affected by the impunity with which NATO aircraft can operate over Kosovo and Serbia, the accuracy and the growing knowledge... of deployed locations. In summary, NATO has eroded the capability of Milosevic's war machine and it is being further reduced as each day goes by.

    Any security compromise is serious. This attack alone may not be a big deal but it may turn out that in combination with others it has greater impact.

    There have been, we believe, a number of fighter aircraft sorties against refugees, but I can't comment any further about that,

    His work engages viewers with the artist's rare gifts of sensitivity to the human condition and an appealing sense of humor.

    If we want to restore the Mississippi River, we in Louisiana have to show that we're going to be wise stewards of our land.

    On the Mississippi coast, the water went in and went out - in New Orleans, it went in and sat there,

    I think to the extent that anybody feels the need for discipline, this is enough.

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