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    Alabama Adventure is excited to be part of this opportunity to discover up and coming artists. We hope to find excellent talent which can be showcased at our Christian Music Day. These days will be filled with fun for families and the community. We invite everyone to come out and enjoy the music.

    You have all these commentators and followers and people who are trying to rewrite history and the only 12 people who saw all the witnesses and heard the entire case unanimously agreed that he was guilty of killing his father and mother. Now ... another judge, another court has found that appropriate verdict was reached back in June of 1990.

    We're not making money. We're not looking to. We do get to record. We do get to play some great places, and we have a lot of fun.

    He's the best and the most expensive in the country. And Steve, in real life, looks nothing like the president.

    We make more enemies by what we say than friends by what we do

    I think in some ways those conversations, as well as our overall conversations of the organization and how to make it better, may have spun some rumors out that essentially were tagged to the GM.

    I cleaned up the door and have turned it into a headboard for a bed.

    The museum should boost Swansea by turning it into more of a destination. And along with all the other investment, it's really making local business much more confident about the future.

    You have to be able to understand how you're going to spend in excess of 100 million every year (on players). I think one thing that anybody can agree on is nobody thinks you can get better by overspending on players.

    The totality of the GM job - should he be in the office more or can he maintain his schedule - I think that's stuff we'll have to get back together and evaluate. If we get together and say it's the best thing for the organization for Phil to be out there, maybe we need to have somebody with Phil who spends more time in the office.

    I think were all a little lost with this experience. Certainly Phil, but Randy and I, and even Romeo, would rather spend our time doing other things than fighting rumors. I think that was a reason for us to come together later in the day and just say, Are we OK Do we still all want to be together And that was the case.

    If he is, it's not to meet us. Maybe he's doing some Christmas shopping.

    We've felt our way through this season. Has there been moments when we could have made better decisions Have there been times when the communication could have been better Yeah, but we're getting better.

    Winthrop ultimately aims to effectively automate the data entry process at the bedside for the Hospital's healthcare providers. The planned implementation of CPOE takes Winthrop one step closer to achieving this goal, while continuing its commitment to provide the world-class health care services the Hospital is known for.

    As the weight goes down, the death rate goes up.

    This is part of the master plan to be smaller and be more efficient and put more money in the classroom. We saved a tremendous amount of money. It was like getting rid of a mortgage.

    The focus of confusion is that, since the ICI does not represent shareholders, we must somehow be contrary to their interests. But at the ICI, we believe fund management companies' interests must be aligned with those of shareholders.

    Pensions are not protected from equitable settlements in a divorce.

    He is not, nor was he ever, being fired. There were no negotiations going on today. And we quite frankly dont know where the rumors started and how they got going.

    It's a mess. Eastern or Central, I think the whole state needs to be on the same time, with the exception maybe of those few counties up by Chicago.

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