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    It would be nice to have Griff back in the lineup. We'll see where that is day-to-day. I don't know if he'll be out there Sunday or not, but we definitely miss him.

    Shoot, it could have been a 10-run first inning if he doesn't make that play. He made a perfect throw.

    He's probably due (today) or Thursday. He threw some live BP (Monday), so he should be ready to go.

    I'm hoping, at worst, he can do what he did a year ago. If he can do that, we've got a guy we can trust.

    It's always better to have these days before you start playing games. The only time you really get messed up is when you miss a game.

    When pitchers are pitching well, they're repeating well, physically and mentally. I don't know about the mental part of it, because I'm not in Hudson's head. But physically, he gets out of sync, and it takes him a few batters to get it back.

    I was very impressed with the way he received the baseball. He's a good catcher. He gets rid of the ball quick. The more I saw of him, the more I liked him.

    He's a pretty good pitcher. After seeing him pitch in Fort Myers the other day, our guys had a lot of confidence in him. They'd heard a lot about him, and everybody knows he's pitched in big games. It's nice to have him in the middle of our rotation.

    I had no clue that was his third concussion. In baseball, that's unusual.

    Our guys are pretty resilient. We've had a couple of really ugly games, losses, and came back and won the next day. It was nice to come out today and score those runs early. I think that helped everybody.

    I plan on talking to him and Major League Baseball about that.

    When we were hitting the ball out of the ballpark, we scored runs. We weren't able to generate anything, especially against the good pitchers. If you're going to beat good pitching, you can't rely on just the home run.

    These are four legitimate guys in our organization right now.

    I told him it's got to be an emotional time for him, leaving the Red Sox, but that every player in this clubhouse was elated to hear that he was going to be on our club. He definitely will be welcomed here.

    We scored seven runs and we still had a lot of chances. When you get to the end of the game and have a chance to tie or go ahead, in a game like that, back and forth, that's about all you can ask for.

    When he's ready to pitch in the Major Leagues, we'll bring him up, if that's April 1 of this year or its April 1, 2008. My whole thing is if you're ready, not how much time you've spent in the Minors.

    A lot of people there thought highly of him. A lot of people didn't want to see him go. That was '95. We took advantage of what they did there. We were in the race every year.

    He had a tough day yesterday. I just feel like it's probably better not to have him out there on this field for today's game.

    When you win in double figures in the big leagues on a last-place club, you've got to be doing something right, and he did that a year ago. He's a quality major league pitcher. It's nice to look out there in the fifth inning and only have two runs on the board for the other club.

    That would probably be a pretty good plan. It's not going to be easy getting regular playing time for any of the three.

    We definitely wanted to play, ... But I looked at the radar. (The weather system) It's way backed up.

    He gives us tremendous insurance at first if Dunn can't play or there is a trade made or somebody gets injured. The thing that we've got right now - we've got quite a few veteran guys for our bench, which has a lot of plusses.

    Last season was a great experience for him. He did a lot of good things for us. He showed us he can play at the Major League level. He's just got to be consistent.

    The big thing we've got to do is keep everybody healthy. We've got to make some improvements with our pitching. We've got to have some things go right for us and we've got to have some other clubs fall back a little bit, but if we do that we can be right there going into September.

    He dogged me forever after that first game. I'm telling you, the last time I saw him, he said, 'I'm thankful somebody as dumb as me was behind the plate his first night.

    When you go out there 162 times, you've got to feel like you've got a chance to win every night. That goes a long way. You've got to feel like the people that you're working for want you to win, and they're willing to do whatever it takes to help you win. From everything I've heard and seen, that's what Bob wants to do.

    It's big-time - you have no clue, ... This (managing the Reds) is a piece of cake. If there was sports talk radio there, I would have been fired from that job a long time ago.

    It was a big league baseball game tonight. That was the way the game is supposed to be played. We just don't see it every night. It's a shame. It's great to see a game played the right way. It's what I live for.

    Sure do. The big thing is, if he's going to be an RBI guy who's going to drive in big runs in the middle of the order, that's something we're going to have to find out.

    I think everybody in baseball knows he's a good player. Playing in Tampa Bay like he did and then going to Seattle ... when you play in the same outfield with Ichiro (Suzuki), you're not going to be top dog, that's for sure.

    Anytime there's an impending sale, (a one-year contract) is about what to expect,

    I like the idea of guys earning their way there. A lot of people are going to have to make it.

    Every one of their pitchers has got good late movement, cuts the ball or sinks it, and has command. That's why they're the best pitching staff in the league.

    I don't think we plan to leave any of them behind.

    He's got the best velocity of anyone I've seen in my two years here. Guys who throw that hard with movement have a chance to get guys out without command.

    I don't know about the physical part of it. He might make more errors this year than last. But I think with the mental part Bucky will really help him.

    The offense is going to come. It's not a matter of if, it's when.

    To do it on three days' rest shows you what kind of competitor he is. He came in here ready to go yesterday. There was no question about it.

    He's been swinging well. I thought about putting him up higher. But he's hitting well at sixth or seventh. I really didn't want to mess with it.

    If we win today, it would have been an outstanding road trip.

    He's willing to work. Anyone who says he's not hasn't been around him enough to know. He gets frustrated at times. But he's not a lazy guy.

    Chances are with those additions, one of those guys that pitched well for us out of the pen last year wont make the club.

    It's pretty obvious we have been struggling to score runs lately. I thought we had a chance to get some more runs in the fourth, but it didn't work out that way.

    I just look back on the very first day he came in and he was hitting in the cage with Chris. Chris came in and said 'This guy has got great bat speed.' Any time you have that kind of bat speed, you've got a chance to hit.

    He's just not ready. He's not 100 percent yet. It gives him a chance to be where the weather is warm. We won't have to worry about trying to get him ready in the cold.

    We hate to lose him. I thought he was an outstanding instructor. But I'm happy for him - making that decision, putting his family first. A lot of us talk about it very few do it.

    That's awesome, ... I hope everyone, including all of our starters, can see it and take something from that.

    He's been swinging well. The last couple days, I thought about putting him up higher in the order, but he's been hitting down in the order, sixth or seventh, and I didn't really want to mess with it. If they bring in somebody besides Mark Mulder, the way he's been swinging, I'd like to see him face him.

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