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    We hope to know something definitive on both of those guys pretty soon. If we lose both of them, even one of them, that's a blow.

    The courts have ruled time and time again that students in public schools have the First Amendment right to remain quietly seated during the Pledge of Allegiance. Cameron is a very patriotic student, but his is a quiet form of patriotism. In a very polite and respectful way, he declined to stand for the pledge and the teacher berated him in front of his classmates.

    We live in a free country. While patriotism is important, liberty of thought and liberty of expression are even more important.

    We're working closely with the Shanghai government, but obviously we're not there yet.

    I think this is a very significant moment in Brazilian history. The gay movement has exploded and there's a real shift in people's understanding of homophobia. The media is finally catching up,

    The Soviet Union model of what a Communist country is supposed to look like doesn't work for China. China has unbridled capitalism.

    The law has been clear for more than 60 years that a student may remain quietly seated during a flag salute to express their beliefs.

    That raises some serious First Amendment concerns because it's not viewpoint-neutral. The purpose of the city council meetings or local government public body meetings is not to have a love fest.

    Not everyone can do this job. I've seen people try and fail. Whatever Sherrie does, she gives 100 percent. This is on every case, every client. And that's hard to do here because of the time constraints. You always have her undivided attention. It's like she's got all these (computer) screens up and going at the same time.

    I think there is an acknowledgement that it is slow and that it needs to be resolved but there is a difference of opinion of degree.

    It was a tale of two halves. You look at the shots we took. In the first half we were 13-of-25. In the second half we were 13-of-35. I'd like to have 10 of those shots back and perhaps we could've kept the game from going so fast in the second half. That's not how we wanted to play.

    I am doing a rain dance on my desk as we speak.

    You never know how bad a situation is going to be until you come out of it. But the nation has had two major hurricanes in several weeks, and we will be stronger because of it.

    If you want to make Shanghai a world class business center, you need more access and connectivity.

    A lot of people think this is just a place for people who can afford airplanes to come and play, but it's a lot more than that.

    They've put him on some new medicine, so we hope he's going to be OK now. Even though he's not near 100 percent, you could tell the difference the other night when we put him in the game in terms of blocking and altering shots.

    There are a number of different reasons why. The main one is that Chinese telecommunications companies don't have enough bandwidth to interact with the outside world.

    The government has taken a one-two punch from Mother Nature over the past couple of weeks. ...They are going to need help. That's where we come in.

    That is the shortest preamble I have ever seen. I feel as though today will be a good day, poor light, Freddy was getting a bit of reverse swing before tea, and let's not forget they are still 250 odd adrift, I would like to suggest a ban on pessimism for at least the first ten minutes of play.

    Can't think of anything to say. Feeling a bit nervy. Kinda like a bloke who has just asked the girl of his dreams out, only for her to say yes, now in the excitement he is not quite sure whether he can go through with it.

    If England don't win the Ashes, will the media crucify them, or praise them for playing a huge part in the greatest Test series of all time I hope that whatever happens both sides get the praise that they deserve because it has been a fantastic summer of cricket, and I don't know what I will do with myself come Tuesday morning.

    Next to his own writings, this is the most important source of information about him. There are discoveries to be made here.

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