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    When people ask, Do you like children? I always say, I like some children, yes. Some children I don't like.

    I'd love to talk to Angelina Jolie. On my show I would love her because she's a mysterious, mysterious figure.

    Eclecticism is a good thing, ... This stuff is designed to mix. I'm not trying to tell people what they have is not good. (That's) just wasteful, just wrong.

    This is what I like about being a designer: You can't really get it until you see it.

    You know what makes me teary? Goya. Goya makes me cry.

    If I just do it, it will take less time than telling someone what I'm thinking, and have them free associate, and then come back to me and I'll hate it and I'll have to redo it.

    The reason people like to watch ball games is because they don't really know exactly what's going to happen from moment to moment. That's why you watch the entire thing.

    I want hair to have attitude like clothes ... Those are the models that interest me most. The ones that have real attitude, that look like they have a life and they don't just wait around for people to style them. You know, they bring something to the table.

    All of my research is about the middle class in 1965. It's about servicing those people in the 60s. What do jockey shorts look like in the '60s That actually was one of my favorite fittings on Patrick. The jockey short fitting

    I was not expecting that at all. I thought this girl is all prim and proper on the outside, but she's a wild woman on the inside.

    You know who a role model for me is? George Ballanchine.

    When someone says you can't do what you know you can do, then you can't do anything.

    Being a fashion designers, it's almost like being a doctor. You can touch a person because they cough and you can tell whether they're ill.

    You listen to Handel operas, right? And there are a thousand of them, right? And they all sound alike. If I look back on my work, maybe it's the same thing.

    The loft space doubles as his design studio. During the taping two women could be seen in the background diligently sewing. But he has no plans to put up partitions. Rather, in this day and age, he sees the two enterprises - design and television - working as one. Synergistically - I hate that word it's so 90's - but each of these projects feeds one another, ... I don't know how the clothes can exist without the show, and I don't know how the show can exist without the clothes.

    The thing is, I am very connected to popular culture, I am. And I watch 'Will Grace' and I watch 'My Name is Earl' and I watch prime-time television a lot and every other joke is about pubic hair ... So I don't feel it's wrong to talk about that on the red carpet.

    You don't necessarily live for the moment; you live for hope-what you're going to get, what you're going to say, what you're going to think.

    I am going to meet people and I love doing that, and I'm not going to put a mask on to meet people now because of whatever interesting controversy was raised at the Golden Globes.

    People say it's really the press who create those soundbites about fashion. That's what sells magazines and clothes.

    Even though I grew up as a Sephardic Jew in Brooklyn where we ate Syrian food and went to temple, it was still America.

    Mick Jagger, his face was very new. It became a sex symbol.

    I'm going to be so good I'm going to have a halo by the end of the night. I'm not going to talk about body parts anymore, or underwear. I've been warned.

    In Paris, it used to feel like you were living in a museum. As beautiful as it was, it's still limited. But here you have just everything.

    The more relaxed you can get, the better you'll do.

    All I want are high heels, high heels. If I was a girl, I'd wear a lot of high heels. High, stiletto heels.

    I'd love to talk to Joaquin Phoenix because he's a very private guy. Also, he's creating a new kind of sexy leading man. To me, his face is new and might be legendary someday.

    Just when I think I hate fashion, I hate clothes, I'm seized by this crazy thing that I have to do. I have this little studio now where I just draw. I can be in the room for three days and not even look up.

    How do I do it? I don't know how I wouldn't do it - that's the thing.

    What if Woody Allen called me and said, I'm working on this movie and there's a really divine role for you. We want exactly you! It would be such a fantasy. Forget it! My idol, Woody Allen!

    He's on his high horse. He'll be on his damn high horse again.

    The last thing I want to become is one of those talking heads where everything is satiny smooth and you know what the next question is going to be.

    I don't like people to feel completely described by the clothes they wear of mine. I want them to feel that they're describing themselves.

    If you try to have a fashion show with Bach fugues and John Coltrane, it doesn't really work.

    That's one thing about fashion that you really shouldn't be-you can't be melancholy in fashion because people don't respond to it.

    I don't want it taken too seriously, I want to encourage people to surround themselves with fun, colorful things. It's all about color.

    Most of my life I was occupied with American television and American food. My ethnicity was my choice. It still is.

    Half the time I don't even think about it, I just throw something on because I'm so late or so busy.

    Everyone asks, Will he make it, will she make it? You never make it.

    Sometimes I'm really dressed up, and it really turns me on.

    You're not working with models, you're working with real women who have, like, anatomy. Models do not have anatomy.

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