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    What did I win ... I guess whatever I won, I just want to say thank you to the fans, especially all my girls. Imagine what it feels like to be me all these years and have your support. It's just outrageous.

    I don't fight with people - like, I can barely fight with my husband because I'll just start crying instead.

    It haunted us. It was a really honest video, but we had to sit on a couch together for a year and half and answer the same questions every night and every interview.

    There are moments where I think that we made an amazing record and I'm so proud of it, but I don't wake up and go, Wow, I'm amazing.

    Working with (new collaborators) and letting people in to try new melodies and new lyrical ideas was very hard.

    You're always tellin' me to go out more, Go ahead, get out and see the world, But then I think, why should I? I'd rather stay home and cry.

    This blown-out fashion extravaganza is a far cry from her more humble beginnings as a teenager in Anaheim, California, in the heart of Orange County. There, she'd follow her mother to the fabric store and her mom would let her choose her own buttons, zippers, and threads and encouraged her to make her own clothes. Gwen's taste evolved, and she went from wearing tomboyish overalls, jumpers, and baseball caps to finding pegged men's pajama bottoms and making corset-style drop-waist dresses with cheerleader skirts, which she'd pair with boxer shorts, fishnets and Doc Martens. That was it, ... Suddenly you hit puberty, and it's like, you know, thrift stores I just started deconstructing everything from thrift stores.

    And if I let myself down, appear on stage when I'm not looking my best, it's not fun for me. I just beat myself up about it.

    I try not to be but I'm super-neurotic about diet. I'm neurotic about trying not to be neurotic! I'm like every other girl. I have to try really hard my whole life to try to be fit. And I'm super-vain. And I want to wear cute clothes.

    I remember when I was in school, they would ask, 'What are you going to be when you grow up?' and then you'd have to draw a picture of it. I drew a picture of myself as a bride.

    My parents always pushed creativity on us, but they made it seem like the fun thing to do.

    Just don't wake me up ... Because I'm saying, that was pretty great. That was beyond any dream I've ever had. It was so incredible, just to be able to have a show and to be able to share it with everyone in that kind of way ... and all these unbelievable, beautiful, tall skinny girls that I just want to hit because they're so pretty, walking in the clothes. It was extraordinary.

    Tony was the star on this one. He was willing to try anything, and i was like, whoa my best friend is getting me off right now There was a real chemistry.

    I don't expect to fit in right away but I do sense that the fashion world is rooting for me, too. I'm not being treated like a celebrity wannabe fashion designer. But even if I was, it doesn't really matter because I'm doing this for me ... but it does feel really good when you have a hit,

    As a famous person you think how you're gonna end it, get away and have a normal life.

    At first it was my brother's songwriting and I was just doing what everyone told me.

    I would love to learn to play something so I don't have to rely on someone to collaborate with.

    I'm just, like, totally normal. The fact that any of this has happened, that we're sitting here at the Beverly Hills Hotel just gets me going, like, 'What?'

    We've been all around the world and that's my favourite part of everything I do.

    If you're not Prince, you're never going to sound like Prince.

    I was ... writing that song (with) tears streaming down my face. To me it'sa snapshot of (a) time period of my life, and ... that's the song that kind of took us around the world.

    It was such a turning point to find that I had a talent and I had something to contribute, somewhere.

    While there were rumors the No Doubt singer might not attend, she arrived early and smiling. It's been a huge year, ... A year ago I remember driving up with No Doubt playing them the songs for the first time.

    I'm vain enough to want do a movie again, but right now more roles are the last thing on my list.

    I imagine my children are going to save me from my vanity and be my passion and fill whatever fears I have of the amazing time I'm having right now being gone.

    Oh yea FORTUNATELY the girls are a lot braver then the guys, they flirt all the time.

    I feel very defensive about that question today. I'm very, very hands-on. I sewed the rhinestones on the wedding dress today. It's my passion, and every bit of the collection starts here.

    Writing songs is super intimate. It's a bit like getting naked.

    I'm just an Orange County girl from a loving family making music with my friends. It's not really that big of a deal.

    I think I've been able to fool a lot of people because I know I'm a dork. I'm a geek.

    My priorities are always going to be my husband and my family now. That's a huge, huge thing.

    I'm stupidly crazy for old movies. I (record) them so that when I'm doing my makeup in the morning, I have them on. I can be like 'Look at Jane Russell in that shiny leopard dress - I'm copying that.'

    Going on tour without them, I felt like I was cheating. We've been a band for 18 years. None of this was expected. Just like the pregnancy too. I'm sure everybody's wondering how this is all going to turn out.

    I was thinking that when I have children, that I should always dress as a character for them, so they think their mom is Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella.

    What she does possess in spades is a knack for pulling her design team squarely into her corner by exuding a quality as rare as black pearls in the world of style a rigorously self-enforced humility. I have a huge ego, let's face it, ... But at the end of the day I don't need to raise my hand and say, 'Look at me I did this part, I did that.'

    Yeah, it's fun. I love talking about myself. And its yummy right now in the heat ...

    Music and fashion, it all comes from the same place of creativity, ... I don't see why any musician who has style or pays attention to style couldn't do it fashion. It's an extension of my personality. I can't explain why I like it, it's just always been that way for me like pizza.

    You know, I was chubby when I was a little girl. And I have all those issues everyone else has. But I try not to. And I've learned over the years that it's such a waste of time. And people like me whether I'm a little bit fatter or not.

    Being in a band you can wear whatever you want - it's like an excuse for halloween everyday.

    Now I'm a wife and a mother of two. It's a really different role. I always referred to No Doubt as a marriage, because that's what it's like to be together for so long and go through what we've been through. I can't really have that relationship with them anymore.

    I work out five days a week, I can't imagine not doing it.

    At a certain point I'm going to want to have a family.

    Sometimes you have to sacrifice your performance for high heels.

    I'd like to have no rules and eat what I want, but I've learned over the years that I'm so disappointed when I can't wear the clothes I want to wear.

    Suddenly the song had this attitude, ... It was like, kind of, 'Oh Where did the attitude come from'

    That was the first time we'd worked outside the group with songwriters, and it was really awkward. That's what defines us as a band, writing, so it was a brave and crazy experiment, It was uncomfortable in the studio, but Hella Good has become one of our staple songs,

    I'm lucky to not have a real job, to be able to express myself, be creative and be relevant.

    (My inspiration) was so strong with 'Love. Angel. Music. Baby.. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and it was just like I had such a fire of inspiration.

    I don't mean this in a stuck-up way, but I needed an attitude song.

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