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    The numbers that he has put up are astonishing. But he also likes pressure situations. In big games, he's at his best. That's special.

    Our next step of improvement is to play a 20-game stretch where we go .500. If you play .500 for 20 games, that's a pretty good cross-section of the schedule. We haven't spent a lot of time focusing on those things. We've tried to get better and improve and work on our systems. Winning will be a byproduct of that.

    I think this is a good confidence booster for this young club. You know, before we went to Anaheim, I think we lost like eight straight (eight of nine), so it's been a long time coming. It's always good to win back-to-back games, especially on the road.

    He was playing well enough to get called up last week but we want him to play his American Hockey League games.

    It's going to take Brent 10, 11, 12 games. You just hope it doesn't take three or four months to get those games in. He gave us two good starts. Brent is a good goalie. And he'll give us some more good starts.

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