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    an outstanding candidate. He's a proven leader.

    Rick Lazio has the ideas, the energy and the vision to beat Hillary Clinton in November,

    Just as the people showed such courage and stood together, shoulder to shoulder, it was important, too, that the governments stood together, ... And that's why some of the finger-pointing in the early days in response to Katrina, I think it's enormously demoralizing.

    This new measure dramatically reforms what was one of the fastest growing fiscal responsibilities for New York's property taxpayers and local governments and reverses that trend by capping the local share and providing counties with significant and immediate relief, ... We're confident that this will provide counties the opportunity to restrain spending growth and provide taxpayers property tax relief.

    This is great news for the Hudson Valley commuters that rely on the Metro-North Railroad, ... The new ferry service makes using public transportation an easy choice by greatly easing the burden on travelers and reducing the time spent commuting to and from work.

    I personally believe that the celebration of freedom is not inconsistent with the goals of memorializing our nearly 3,000 lost heroes,

    I'm thinking about governing as the governor of this state, and that's what I'm going to do.

    We must ensure that mentally ill persons who are prone to violence adhere to the treatment programs they rely on to remain safe and stable members of their communities, ... If they refuse to act responsibly by taking their medication, we must act to protect all New Yorkers.

    For the first time federal, state and local bureaus of investigation are coordinating their effort, to serve as eyes and ears and protect us against further attacks.

    There is no moral equivalency between those who would kill using children, innocent civilians, children and adults, in their homes and in their places of worship, to that of a government that is seeking those terrorists before they can engage in that awful activity.

    We don't know why your innocent loved ones were taken from this earth, whether they were the victims of unspeakable evil or horrible circumstance, and yet today that seems to make little difference,

    It is a very real concern and my view is that everything changed on September 11th and the procedure, the policies that were in place prior to September 11th no longer should apply.

    Seventy years ago, a group of visionary marine biologists founded the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, ... Today, it is the best (of its kind) in the world, but there is no such center for the study of rivers. New York will remain a national leader in protecting the environment by stepping forward to create a new Woods Hole that will focus on rivers and estuaries.

    a transportation hub worthy of the 21st century.

    After watching the best of America right here in New York in the aftermath of the evil attack on the World Trade Center, I know that people from around the world join us when we say, 'I Love New York,'

    It's one thing to deal with the tragedy as America had to after September 11. It's another to run into the buildings while they're still burning,

    This new check-off will allow all New Yorkers the opportunity to give from their hearts and contribute to the creation of the World Trade Center Memorial that will honor the memory of our nearly 3,000 fallen heroes.

    Those same eight cars that left the station on that fateful morning will be the first to come back,

    The Polo Grounds was an outdated stadium, and Shea was state of the art in 1964. But that was over 40 years ago.

    The Hudson Valley (north of New York City) has been very hard hit. There are tens of thousands of homes without power. The commuter rail lines (north of the city) have been really washed out, so it's going to take some time to get them back to normal.

    They will have grief counselors and support services flying with them to Providence.

    You know, there are some areas of the state that are providing enormous help to their students there are others where they're not doing what they can.

    I think there are steps that can be taken that haven't been required or energy to make that fight more secure and we are going to continue to push the federal government to do that.

    I don't need a court to say that not just New York City but other particularly low-income school districts across the state had been short-changed.

    We were told that information by divers and believed it to be accurate,

    Today we take 20 tons of Adirondack granite -- the bedrock of our state -- and place it as the foundation, the bedrock of a new symbol of American strength and confidence.

    It is hard to believe that less than 30 hours ago, New York state was facing the largest blackout in the history of America, ... Less than 30 hours ago, we had lost more than 85 percent of power in New York state, and now it is virtually back.

    The penalties and fines under the Taylor Law exist. They are automatic. They cannot be waived. They're not going to be waived. And I just think it's unfortunate that the rank and file TWU members who work so hard every day are suffering these penalties because their leadership ordered them out on an illegal strike.

    This is not a theoretical proposal destined for the archives of state government. This will be carried out,

    On July Fourth, as we celebrate our democracy, we will also celebrate the rebirth of our city. On July Fourth, as we commemorate the founding of our nation, we will lay the foundation of our resurgence,

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