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    It's a pity striker Wayne Rooney is suspended for the game. I can't say what formation I will use, but I'll probably have two up front,

    I'm not happy about the atmosphere and I'd call on the five to behave with respect for each other,

    They go to Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United and set their stall to get a result so if it means playing 4-5-1, it's good for that team.

    Even sarcastic play is not allowed - the referee cannot accept that.

    He's a very good practical coach. But in his position he should think about the performances too,

    According to one FA source I spoke to, 'Sven has a lot of thinking to do', particularly about the midfield and about the formations,

    Clearly it's very windy, the streets are about a foot deep in water,

    I'm sure that when the lads wake up in the morning they will be kicking themselves,

    It would be difficult to throw Tremlett in.

    We are one of four or five teams who can win the World Cup. If we are lucky with injuries I think we can do it.

    I would never have played Wilkinson in a million years,

    I've never felt like this watching Test matches. It is incredible,

    It doesn't matter if he plays against Brazil or anyone else, ... When he plays, other players score and find space because defenders are on him, it's always good to have a player like that.

    Whatever personal feelings there are shouldn't get in the way of putting out the best athletes we can,

    Some of the merchandise isn't right and the market is very tough,

    We couldn't write rock songs. We just wrote these crap ballads,

    His managers should be tough on him. He could go on for 15 years but discipline and respect is essential.

    When you play at the level he plays he should be called to order,

    The really big clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool will always be challenging year in year out,

    Obviously I've been hoping to get a chance this summer and Simon's had this ankle problem over the last couple of games and it's got worse as the game has gone on,

    I think I'd go for Collingwood, who can bowl a few overs and bat a bit,

    The EU has 25 countries and in Europe there are 52 national associations. Fifa has 205 around the world - 25 shouldn't make law for the other 205 countries.

    A number of people who've expressed their interest - we want to move without undue haste but also without undue delay,

    I think he's a centre-half but we know he can play in that position, so I think he's done himself a lot of good.

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