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    During Apollo, there was no incentive to make things less expensive, only to win and beat the Soviet Union, ... That same philosophy that allowed us to win the space race slowed us down after the space race. The same people were in charge, the same philosophy was there. There was no incentive to make it economical or commercially feasible.

    We are excited to welcome Greg home and congratulate him on this successful private mission. He has been an inspiration to me and I'm sure that his message of 'never give up hope' will inspire millions of others to follow their dreams.

    As long as the person is trained, does it really matter whether the government pays the bill or whether they pay the bill themselves Not really,

    Fifty-nine points is too high for us. We need to do a better job of controlling the tempo. ..Bottom line is we have to capitalize on their mistakes and minimize ours -- and it doesn't matter if we're playing Henderson or someone from another part of the country.

    I think we kind of ran out of gas and panicked a little. I should have probably taken a time out, had the kids relax and settle them down. But it just didn't happen and it turned into a free-throw game after that.

    There's no doubt about it. Engineers are difficult to find.

    Tito's ability to enjoy the training and plan for his spaceflight was eclipsed by wondering whether or not he was able to go,

    In a homophobic culture it is impossible to prove that you're not homosexual, ... There is always doubt. How do you prove you're not gay That is the culture that heterosexuals have brought upon themselves. But if I tell people I'm gay, they don't doubt me, or you.

    I'm staying out of it, ... I couldn't give a shit. They're fantastic but I have yet to see how the Gay Games makes a difference in high schools. I'm not calling the Federation of Gay Games negligent, they just are what they are. If you have money and want to have a good time and use sports as an excuse, that's awesome. They offer a safe venue for post-collegiate gay athletes. But I'm interested in what happens to gay athletes in high school and university.

    That is one of our concerns. Through an earmark . . . if Congress says we're allocated 10 million for a widening project in Goodyear, it is no longer subject to our prioritization.

    A new hero is created when a spaceflight is launched, ... I want to create more private-space-travel heroes in China.

    Greg is very dedicated to the study of science and should be commended for committing his time to assist ESA with their program. We hope to continue this collaboration of efforts with future clients as well.

    He's capable of pulling upsets if he wrestles well.

    It is only by introducing the young to great literature, drama and music, and to the excitement of great science that we open to them the possibilities that lie within the human spirit -- enable them to see visions and dream dreams.

    This does nothing to stop the demolition. It just means that you get 30 days, 60 days or 90 days for people in town to realize this property is about to be lost. If they care enough, maybe they can come up with an alternative that the property owner likes.

    The most insidious influence on the young is not violence, drugs, tobacco, drink or sexual perversion, but our pursuit of the trivial and our tolerance of the third rate.

    Mr. Fulton thought there was more in the horse than what we had seen the last two or three races. That's why we switched. I've known John for a long time and I know the kind of horseman he is and the kind of hands-on operation that he runs.

    It has been a great situation down there for him. The decision was made easier because Kyle has always been a responsible child. He has always been organized - a little abnormal that way. He's very mature. I hate to say anything that would condemn my other children, but I don't think I could do that with the other two. He's a pretty 'with-it' kid.

    For the first time in history, a private company is organizing a mission to the moon. This mission will inspire countries of the world, citizens, our youth.

    Suborbital flights will offer millions of people the opportunity to experience the greatest adventure available, space travel.

    This mission in particular has been designed to provide great benefit to all parties, not only for the explorers who fly, but also to the ISS program as a whole,

    What we talked about before the game was how it would be nice to hold him to under 20 points. We set that goal. And I thought if we could do that, we'd be in the game.

    The last astronaut left the Moon 32 years ago. It's been far too long and it's time to go back.

    It's been far too long, ... It's time to go back.

    They went to bed late last night, and were up before me. They're excited to be here. The parents show their excitement, too. Parents are making sacrifices to give their children other opportunities.

    NASA's attitude has changed 180 degrees, ... Now they're really cooperative.

    We applaud Greg for his dedication to this mission, but also his drive to encourage young people to study science, math and astronomy by giving a first-hand description of the wonders of space.

    Singapore is one of the best connected countries in the world...Singapore, with its superior geographical and economic infrastructure, is primed to be the hub of a new revolutionary form of travel -- in space.

    Once the price is above 100,000, it's for the elite affluent, ... But if someone is offering flights right away and everyone else is talking about flying in five or six years, they'll be able to charge a big premium. People aren't going to want to wait.

    She did a fantastic job not only for herself, but for the whole country in making people feel good, in making people feel worthwhile.

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