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    Just imagine if a Shiite couple are seeking a divorce. She can get a divorce under the civil code and with difficulty get it under Shiite law, but no alimony or child custody for children above a certain age. . . . This is a recipe for real problems.

    We wanted (the Sunnis) to mobilize politically, but we certainly didn't want them to mobilize politically against the constitution.

    They don't need (an agreement). Everybody in the world is beating a path to their door.

    Otaku the most formal way of referring to 'you' in Japanese. Implying a technological barrier between people. Otaku has come to refer to the often obsessive and reclusive individuals of Japan's new generation who are more comfortable with computers, games, books, data, television and technology than with people.

    Certainly the violence in Iraq has been much lower than it might have been, because there's been a fair deal of restraint among Shiite leaders. And that might end now - they may feel the need to really go after the Sunni Arabs as a diversion.

    The constitution is not only a disaster for a lot of the people who share the secular democratic perspective, whether Sunni, Shiite or Kurdish. It's also leading to some version of a sharia state . . . not necessarily a theocracy but certainly a state where there is a dominant role for Muslim clerics.

    I wouldn't talk about a great triumph for democracy as a way to describe this.

    I can tell you that he really stepped up to community responsibility at a time that Rochester really needed a publisher to not just be in Rochester but to be of Rochester.

    They will not stop doing business with us, but on the margins, they will be less likely to do things that are not in their interests.

    Aerie has all the hallmarks of a promising early stage biotechnology company. Initial animal testing has been very encouraging. Our products target a rapidly growing 3 billion dollar global market that has seen little innovation and is ripe for improvement. We have a seasoned team of senior executives who will successfully shepherd AR-101 into the clinic, and we have provided the necessary capital to get them there.

    An abrupt end to the U.S. military presence would probably lead to an upsurge of violence among Iraqis and offer new opportunities for terrorists, but this does not excuse the absence of a new strategy for orderly disengagement.

    We've got some crow to eat. Our approach globally has been that we support the opening of capital markets and the lowering of barriers to investment.

    That's the unfortunate thing. I sent a kid to the hospital today, a 6-2 post player who gives us 21 points a night and a load of rebounds. That made a big difference tonight.

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