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    There was never any doubt that we could win. We are Florida State. We expect to win. We thought we could get the ball and score that last time.

    A little emotional, very positive and happy time for everybody.

    It was a good start playing with the captain right away on the top line. I've learned a lot so far. Especially how to finish, at practice watching Stephen Werner how he has the confidence to score every time he has the puck.

    That's right, this is the first time I've spoken to any assembly, first education outreach except for a few on-center tours. So it will be an education for me. Make sure I don't bore them.

    We had 10 guys go Division I from our team and Quick is on the team here. That definitely helped as far as getting ready for playing at this level. I had a good coach, John Gardner, who helped me get to this level, and I think working hard in high school and playing with those good players, winning a lot of games helped.

    Because he got to this point all by himself, he has extra motivation now ---- not just for himself but for our team. Now he can go back and let those guys know next year what this is like. He has extra incentive to get on their (butts) and motivate them.

    I thought they were going to catch up, but we just held it together, kept passing the ball into the post and they couldn't stop us in the post.

    People are still living in tents. It looks like it did seven months ago.

    The parent volunteers did a really good job. It was a successful meet that ran very smoothly, and the coaching staff gives thanks to them all.

    Most people leave because of money, not job satisfaction. With more money, we can be competitive, keeping people longer.

    I think were doing pretty well at present. A lot of our athletes havent peaked yet, and several of the freshmen are still learning and getting to understand how things work, but I like where we are for being almost half-way through the season.

    I could care less who wins. I'm just here for a good time.

    When he got up, everybody listened. That's where it's at now. Usually with a freshman, we may listen but it may go in one ear and out the other. Everybody took hold of that and what he had to say and took it to heart.

    I've really seen myself as a top scorer but more as role player. With my speed, I've gotten a lot of chances at the net, getting close in on the net, beating defensemen wide and getting breakaways. I like to call myself sort of a gritty player. I use my speed to get in there in the corners, but also I like to show a little bit of grit, get in there and throw the body around a little bit. I'm not the biggest guy out there, but I still like to throw a couple of hits.

    We set a grueling schedule for ourselves going out of state to Las Vegas and Illinois. We think our plan came together. Our guys are wrestling well, they're wrestling poised, and they came through in some tightly contested matches. That's a testament to the work they've put in.

    People are happy for us and we're happy for ourselves. We're ready to put our names out there and try to make big plays like everyone else has done here.

    Luke's favorite practice is the one where they didn't have Abby here because he got to take a leadership role. It was fun because they got to lead one another and develop teaching skills as well.

    Once you've reached the highest level ... at this point, there's no additional funding for those people to get.

    I think that gives companies some pause -- that the folks that might purchase their shares think this is an important issue of corporate management and governance.

    It's going to put the whole criminal justice system in gridlock.

    The purpose of this program is to reduce the amount of emissions being released every day in California and to clean up some of the smog from the California skies that's the bottom line.

    ARW intensity predictions are very encouraging. Five years ago, accurate intensity predictions weren't even possible.

    I hope this is my breakout year because if that's the case, than it means I am really helping this team get over the hump and winning.

    They've been doing that all week in practice. In the Miami game, we told them to be calm and it would be there for them. Tonight it was.

    The volunteers are awesome. Everybody pitched in to make it happen.

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