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    The evidence base is showing you need to raise taxes, you need to pass laws and enforce laws on exposure to second-hand smoke. You also need to pass laws and enforce the laws on regulating media exposure and advertising regarding pro-tobacco, you need to develop a youth-focused cessation program as a community and probably at the school level, you need to develop public education campaigns in the communities and schools that are reaching the young people, and those campaigns need to not be focused on just boys.

    We are more than happy to make the transition as easy as possible for these children and open our schools to them. They have already been through a traumatic experience with losing their homes and belongings. We not only want to meet their educational needs but also their physical needs.

    In most cases, country research coordinators are seeing a shift in the cultural acceptance of girls (toward tobacco use). It's OK for girls to be seen smoking. There's no definitive data but it's an observation.

    That was about as close to a perfect round as I could play,

    The true toll from tobacco use could be even greater with high rates of non-cigarette tobacco use and high rates of smoking among young girls.

    All week, we got a good scouting report. We knew their plays, but Lincoln good at executing their plays. They knew they had a game on their hands at the beginning of the second quarter. That's how I feel.

    It was one of those days, ... I was hitting the ball exactly where I wanted to, the right distance and everything. Every putt I got over I felt like I was going to make.

    I feel like I can go to the range, within an hour, I can tighten my ball striking up. I was still hitting putts. Now, I'm in a position where I can go play aggressive on the weekend. I'm looking forward to that.

    We've had some job growth, but it's in lower-paying sectors.

    We're in a world of hurt and we're not doing enough to get out of it.

    If you're not covered by your employer ... and you're not covered by Medicaid ... health insurance in Indiana is unaffordable.

    (No. 14) is a hard hole. They played the back tee all four days for the first time last year, and that makes a huge difference. Hitting a 5-iron into that small green is difficult.

    I was like, 'Wow,' something's going on here, ... Something good is about to happen.

    I've never had a round like that. That's as close to a perfect round of golf as I've ever played.

    This is an alarming pattern and suggests that tobacco use, especially among young girls, is on the increase.

    That's as close to a perfect round of golf as I've ever played, ... I was hitting the ball exactly where I wanted to, the right distance. Every putt I got over, I felt I was going to make.

    No matter where they send him, they'll find out. And every day of his life will be a nightmare.

    Hopefully things will improve, but we have to be ready for a worse case scenario and right now, we're simply not sure when supplies will resume.

    This is actually a lot of fun. Everybody thinks it's a great idea.

    I feel like I'm so close to playing good. I've been seeing shots the last month-and-a-half that I didn't see most of the other parts of the summer. Yes, it is out of nowhere, but I've seen progression lately, for sure.

    I'm not going to tell you I could have shot 59, but if I was ever going to shoot 59, today would have been the chance.

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