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    For many years, we had a great concept and we said one of these days the concept isn't going to work anymore.

    But we've got a bit of work to do because we're still a long way off a club like Collingwood.

    Saturday's win enhances our reputation and ability to attract a bigger supporter base. Another factor is that we've already had three million free-to-air (television) viewers this year, and that gives you satisfied corporate sponsors and satisfied members throughout Australia.

    The current belief is that we'll get 32,000 on the back of Saturday night's win, which would benefit the club by as much as 150,000.

    It wasn't our regular on-side kick, ... I don't know if Brady (Trujillo) just hit it wrong or what

    We're still going to keep traveling around Virginia making the case that Washington is broken.

    He was supposed to wear my (college) jersey during warmups. I couldn't find one. I made him wear a bright orange Illinois T-shirt.

    He's probably our only player who is good enough to handle that position. He's a bull.

    I don't think this loss is going to be too much of a setback. But it does hurt, because we are in a playoff race. We cannot let this get us down.

    It looks like things are getting back to order. There's still a lot of trash around. To see the aftermath of what has happened here, I just feel for these people because they've been through a long struggle. It looks like there's a sign of light at the end of the tunnel.

    It just worked out that way. We thought that they would be a lot bigger.

    It was a 15-footer. That's what I hit.

    The issue has been dealt with and we now move on.

    I hope they do, but if they don't it's not going to be the end of the world because I'll be able to opt out and be a free agent and go somewhere where I'm a good fit.

    The next year is a big year for me. I'll just work hard, play my hardest and see what happens.

    It was a pretty emotional shot, ... It looked like we kind of celebrated a little too early.

    It does hurt because we are in a playoff race so we can't let this get us down if we expect to be a championship team.

    I'm sure the primary campaign will be a spirited exchange of ideas - and we look forward to finding out where Mr. Webb stands on the issues that are important to Virginia's families and to Virginia Democrats.

    I would take that same shot again. It felt good, but it was just short. I had the confidence to take it, and I will shoot it again if I ever have a chance.

    They were stacking that side with Kobe. I was just waiting over there on the weak side.

    A lot of other teams just focus on Kobe. I just hang around on the weak side and nights like tonight, Kobe gives it up.

    I have one more year on my contract so this is a big year for me,

    I know when I first started my business, it was just me and two kids working, and, heck, we used to have a party when we had two or three people show up. So it has grown a lot. It has grown from maybe a dozen people coming out to maybe 100 people coming out to play.

    We'd prefer to have a seven-day break, but there's not much you can do about it.

    The increase in free-to-air viewing is a great advantage because our figures say we get one in 10 supporters to become members.

    We love Kobe when he's out there, but we all can play. We don't buy into that stuff about how we don't help Kobe out. We're all competitors and we're all professionals. That's why we're here.

    I'm happy Phil is back. I'm very happy about it. He really doesn't play rookies but I'm not a rookie anymore. I'm very excited about coming back and they're very excited about me in the triangle offense.

    Our priority is to lock them in and that'll take us up to 100 per cent of the cap.

    It is close, there are only one or two elements we need to iron out.

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