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    I was in so much pain that I don't think I cared the night that it happened. All I wanted to do was to have the bone put back into the socket.

    I think I got more publicity the first day than I have in 56 years. When I'm not there I command more attention than when I am there.

    I'm glad I won't have the smell of smoke clinging to my clothes any more. I'm really relieved.

    I'm getting better. It takes a little time, but I'm getting better.

    I think he might have been the most explosive baseball player that I have ever seen, ... He could get down to first base as fast as anybody I have ever seen play the game. He could run like a deer, and that was something that stands out about him. Power and explosiveness.

    I've seen a bunch of bad weather in this area, but we're real happy with how things turned out this time.

    I offered my services, but they were declined. Of course, they had (Catholic actress) Helen Hayes,

    There are a lot of creative types looking for the next big thing. Well, these days, environment is it.

    My motto has always been clear, concise, correct. I found I was more interested in the way he (Gerard) did it than the other four contestants. Not easy, they all deserve credit for trying. Life is about trying to do things.

    I'm grateful to Bank of America, a great New York institution, for the opportunity to judge a contest that will showcase the enthusiasm and passion that New Yorkers have for another legendary New York institution, the Yankees.

    Sheppard began his career as a high school speech teacher, and was a professor at St. John's into the late 1990s. I think my teaching has been, or was, more important in my life than public address, ... Because teaching was more important than public address announcing in its value to society.

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