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    Something is wrong with America. I wonder sometimes what people are thinking about or if they're thinking at all.

    You know, a better man for a better America. That's sort of our slogan.

    no more verbally incomprehensible no more devoid of the vision thing and no more the cautious pragmatist proudly displaying the virtues of tradition and the advantages of biological seniority.

    I am announcing my economic program for America's renewal -- a program that will return economic growth, rising living standards and prosperity for all Americans to the center of our policy.

    He told me to grow up and make the best of what I have.

    If something happened along the route and you had to leave your children with Bob Dole or Bill Clinton, I think you would probably leave them with Bob Dole.

    You feel a little older in the morning. By noon I feel about 55.

    If we added up the killed and wounded from the Democrat wars in this country, it would be about 1.6 million Americans,

    Think I'll win. Could be big.

    Our intent will not be to create gridlock. Oh, except maybe from time to time.

    Senator Dole sponsored an ad today that said, 'If you're going to talk about a man's record, talk about the whole record.'

    At least she's the president of something, which is more than I can say.

    I mean, people say, 'If I'd have ever known you were like that, I'd have voted for you,' or, 'I saw your commercial, I like it. It's funny' or whatever ... I hope they remember the product.

    There is life after losing. There are things you can do with your life that can make a difference.

    Life is very important to Americans.

    that drug use is wrong and that drugs kill.

    At my age you find yourself looking back from time to time and you begin to appreciate some of the things that happened to you.

    Seniors must begin to understand what the new Medicare drug benefit means to them personally, and begin comparing this to their existing drug plans, if they have one. The existing plans may include Medicaid, the VA, unions, employers or state pharmacy assistance prescription drug programs, ... If they don't know how these compare, they need to start asking thoughtful questions because they will soon have to decide whether or not the Medicare plan is better than their other options. Before long they will have to make an important choice.

    Elizabeth's back at the red cross, and I'm walking the dog.

    This can be a living memorial... long after the TV is gone and long after we move on to the next event. By this effort, these young people ... will understand that somebody, somebody in America cared enough to make a contribution, to make it possible for them to pursue their dreams.

    there is scarcely anyone who believes that the required 67 senators would vote to convict the president on any of the four articles of impeachment approved by the House Judiciary Committee.

    I think the voters believe that when you become president of the United States, you have a higher obligation and a higher standard than anybody in the world, ... And if you violate that standard, they're going to remember it on election day.

    won every battle, except the battle against time.

    If I were present in the Senate I would vote for ratification of the CWC Chemical Weapons Convention because of the many improvements that have been agreed to,

    I think it's pretty obvious the model for victory is the Ronald Reagan model,

    I look at the slowest growth in a century. He inherited a growth of 4.7 to 4.8 percent, and now it's down to about 2.4 percent. We're going to pass a million bankruptcies for the first time in history. We've got stagnant wages,

    We got the across-the-board cut and the kiddy credit, and those are the two most important things to sell to voters, ... But there are a number other proposals in the economic plan that will appeal to businesses as well.

    They're going to have a choice of at least two plans if their plan they have now is better, well, they may not want to change. But a lot of people are going to (see) big, big benefits,

    Having been in Congress, you know that's part of our responsibility the constituent has a problem, ... We're supposed to write back and say, 'Well I can't do anything' That's not what they elect you for.

    private citizens say all kinds of things all the time. Next question.

    provides the best opportunity to put the people of Kosovo on a course of self-rule and liberty.

    I have ... been uplifted by the extraordinary power of the American heart -- by those armies of compassion, who are willing to cross town or cross the globe to minister to those they've never met and will never see again.

    The Brooklyn Dodgers had a no hitter last night.

    My philosophy of life is when you get up the ladder you want to reach back and give someone a hand, just like someone did for you years before. They are wonderful role models and the very personification of caring.

    Those who cultivate moral confusion for profit should understand this: we will name their names and shame them as they deserve to be shamed.

    But I do understand that the purpose of a reporter's privilege is not to somehow elevate journalists above other segments of society. Instead, it is designed to help guarantee that the public continues to be well-informed.

    America and its allies and friends around the world can no longer tolerate Saddam's repeated attempts to erode the restraints that have been placed on his regime, and to violently reassert his authority,

    For me, it was also a good time to reflect on World War II because some of my relatives who were in Chicago lived through that awful war. As former Sen. Bob Dole also reminded me the other day, it's hard to believe it's been nearly 60 years since the end of the war. No, ... I can't believe it.

    This is not a Florida election. This is a national election, ... Democrats control the election apparatus of 47 of 67 counties in Florida. They're about to give us the double whammy here.

    We need to reach out and make sure that everyone who should benefit will benefit,

    As someone with a long record of government service,

    I think it's time to do something, ... I don't believe any political pressure, economic, any kind of pressure will work.

    We know smoking tobacco is not good for kids, but a lot of other things aren't good. Drinking's not good. Some would say milk's not good.

    Since President Clinton took office, the number of 12- to 17-year-olds using marijuana has almost doubled,

    Providing seniors with the peace of mind that they will be able to get the medicine they need, when they need it, as well as offer extra assistance to pay for it ... is what this new Medicare Benefit has to offer, ... It is important that seniors understand we are talking about a dependable, government-underwritten program that will be a major pillar of Medicare going forward.

    The White House is not being very clever in how it takes on our plan, ... In fact the White House is being sloppy. They are taking everything Bob Dole has ever said we ought to do regarding taxes and adding all of those things up and saying it will cost 800 billion.

    We're trying to get good pictures. Don't worry very much about what I say.

    Now we meet in the birthplace of American liberty to renew our social contract. We look to Governor Bush and Secretary Cheney to raise our sights, and to restore honor and civility to our public life.

    As Americans, we need to be concerned not only about another humanitarian tragedy for the Kurds of Iraq, but also about the potential resurgence of Saddam Hussein as a menace to the peace and stability of this vital region,

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