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    We certainly are closely monitoring events there. We have no estimates at the moment about the possibility of this conflict spreading in our direction, but we must be alert and prepared,

    When I was offered the position of finance minister I knew I was going to get hurt. We are now facing the smoke screens of populism sweeping over the state. When I took on the post, Israel was a few weeks away from total collapse like in Argentina, and the Central bank's governor warned that the bank was on the verge of a breakdown.

    The moment of truth has come. I cannot sanction a decision which threatens state security,

    We'd like to see a consistent, concerted and continuous effort on the part of the Palestinian Authority against the infrastructure of terrorism, but so far we haven't seen it, ... If it happens, we'll be able to move on all fronts with the peace process. If it doesn't, this is theoretical talk.

    As soon as violence against us stops, we can clear up all outstanding questions in six months.

    This is the message that I give, and I hope he gives, to Yasser Arafat 'Fight terrorism for the sake of peace. If you don't fight terrorism, peace will be endangered',

    First of all, Arafat is wrong. Jerusalem is Israel's capital, will never be divided, and will remain the capital of the State of Israel, the capital of the Jewish people, for ever and ever.

    There is no longer any meaning to principles and ideology. You can buy anyone. This is not the lesson on society we want to be teaching our kids.

    I am certain that I speak on behalf of my entire nation when I say: September 11th we are all Americans - in grief, as in defiance.

    The Lebanese government certainly has the military capability to deploy in the south and to take the necessary steps,

    We call on the Lebanese government to enter negotiations ... this could take some time.

    Every time we do something that is not, in their eyes, what they want, they don't say 'let's come to the table,' ... they immediately create a crisis,

    We don't agree to the balance, the comparison, ... I don't know what the president meant by it, but it came out as though there's a comparison between the suffering of the children of the murderers and the children of those who were murdered.

    Israel supports the UN Security Council resolution on the Iraqi issue, and values the determination of President Bush in leading the process.

    As we stand here in the hills of rebuilt Jerusalem in sovereign Israel, the land of our forefathers ... our commitment to peace, life and hope is sevenfold,

    to make further painful strikes if attacks on northern settlements continued.

    We don't accept dictates. We're a sovereign country. We must decide alone what is important for our future,

    Yasser Arafat must be made to live up to his promise to fight the terrorists -- to stop coddling them, ... If he does, it would be a major move forward and we could move toward achieving a final settlement.

    For them to threaten us ... to cancel the (economic) conference is like a man who cuts off his nose to spite his face,

    I am calling on all those who grasp the danger gather strength and do the right thing. I don't know if the entire move can be stopped, but it still might be stopped in its initial stages.

    Arafat is not preventing this but is sending to London puppets in the cover of reforms. Arafat has to carry out the reforms here and not there, starting with stopping the incitement and ending with stopping suicide bombers,

    This government was elected to advance the peace process and achieve real peace, peace with reciprocity,

    Thanks to the heroism of the fallen, we can look to the future with hope, 50 years after the creation of the state of Israel and 3,000 years after the creation of the kingdom of Israel,

    One need is the Palestinians requirements for self-rule. The other need is Israel's need to protect its vital interests, chief of which is security. That's the balance that has to be drawn,

    I ask you, what have we received in return for this anguish Has this move strengthened our security No. Has it brought peace closer No.

    In an interview with CNN's Larry King Live ... If there is goodwill on the Palestinian side, there is certainly goodwill on our side to try to get this... question of fulfillment of Palestinian promises and a partial Israeli redeployment out of the way so we can get to the real business, which is negotiating a permanent peace treaty.

    If these commitments are taken and honored, the Israeli government will carry out its part,

    I cannot be part of this irresponsible move that divides the people and harms Israel's security and will in the future pose a danger for the wholeness of Jerusalem, ... A unilateral withdrawal without anything in return is not the way.

    The difficulty arises from a very simple point, ... We cannot compromise on Israeli security. We have not resolved the territorial issue of the further redeployment.

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